Snakes infest the ceiling of a family’s rental home, and the landlord claims it’s not his problem.


Snakes infest the ceiling of a family’s rental home, and the landlord claims it’s not his problem.

Snakes, with their silent, slithering presence, may be the worst of all the pests that may infest one’s home. Since discovering that many snakes had built their home in the ceiling of their rental house, one Georgia family has been learning this lesson the hard way.

Hary Pugliese, his wife Susan, and their teenage daughter moved into the LaFayette, Georgia, house in January, according to WTVC Chattanooga. The Puglieses’ long-standing feud with their landlord, John Stafford, has been exacerbated by the discovery of ceiling serpents on Monday.

Pugliese claimed he contacted his landlord to solve various maintenance issues, including a leaky roof, as early as February, but Stafford allegedly responded he didn’t have the means to finish the repairs. Stafford’s roof was ultimately fixed around two months ago, but Pugliese claimed it was just a band-aid repair. He claims he has phoned Stafford “20, 30, 40 times” since then to inform him that the leakage has continued.

Furthermore, the family claims that when they moved into the residence in January, there was already a rat problem—a allegation that Stafford refutes. Pugliese, on the other hand, claimed that they were told to deal with the vermin problem on their own by setting traps and poison.

Now, Stafford claims the family is being evicted because they haven’t paid rent in two months, but Pugliese indicated that they were refusing to pay until necessary maintenance repairs were made. Regardless, the family intends to leave the apartment because the snakes are interfering with their daily routine.

“I’m having a nightmare about a snake biting me. I’m having trouble sleeping. Because of the snakes, I couldn’t sleep last night,” Pugliese told WTVC.

Pugliese gave WTVC a photo of three snakes dangling from a massive hole in the ceiling, and another shows a close-up of a snake poking out.

THERE ARE SNAKES IN THE ROOF! A man from LaFayette claims he has snakes in his rental home. The problems at this residence on East Villanow Street, according to Harry Pugliese, have lasted since February, but the landlord refuses to remedy them.

May 25, 2021 — Bliss ZechmanNC9 (@BlissZechman)

Susan Pugliese remarked of their relationship, “He behaves like he doesn’t care.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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