Sister Cindy, who is she? TikTok Star Evangelist Christian Preacher


Sister Cindy, who is she? TikTok Star Evangelist Christian Preacher

Cindy Smock has 300,000 TikTok followers. She is adored by Generation Z. She has a signature catchphrase and is constantly asked for selfies. Smock, on the other hand, isn’t an L.A. teen doing the “Renegade” at her content creation home. She’s a 63-year-old Indiana-based evangelical Christian campus evangelist.

In one of the several videos that propelled her to TikTok fame, she exclaims, “Welcome to Sister Cindy’s Slut-Shaming Show.” Cindy launched her own account in March after discovering that college students were uploading footage from her and her husband Brother Jed’s frequent campus preaching meetings online.

On Instagram, the hashtag #sistercindy has 194 million views, and Smock sells her own goods and offers followers the opportunity to purchase their own personalized movies for $59 each. “Among college kids, I am a celebrity,” she told Washington Newsday. After recovering from being a “bad girl at the University of Florida,” Smock has spent the last five decades preaching on college campuses across America. She says she wasn’t appreciated on school before, but that has all changed now.

“As soon as I arrived, the people began to gather. “All I had to do was announce my arrival on TikTok, and there would be 100 to 1,000 people waiting for me,” she explained.

So, how did a once-disliked religious preacher master the art of influencing people and winning Gen Z? Smock invites her listeners to be a “ho no mo” by linguistically becoming one of them, amid references to a “Hot Girl Summer” and accounts of courting frat males.

Smock recites the words to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s record-breaking smash “WAP” in one viral video—the words are self-explanatory. “I was shocked when I read the lines; it was not empowering women. The woman said that the man was causing her discomfort. She was overjoyed about it. So I just wanted to learn how to communicate in their language,” she explained.

Smock continued without stuttering, “Some Christians are quite critical of me because I will say wet a** p****.” “I use the term kind of for a shock value,” she admits, explaining that WAP isn’t reminiscent of the word of God. But I think it’s good that they’re calling themselves that. When a 63-year-old lady says that, however, it stings. This is a condensed version of the information.


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