Since New York reports more than 4,800 COVID cases, Cuomo restricts indoor meetings and limits the opening hours of restaurants and sports halls.


The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced on Wednesday updated restrictions that will apply to certain businesses and to indoor events.

The announcement came as New York, once the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, at the height of the state outbreak confirmed the largest single-day rise in cases since April.

The upcoming wave of restrictions will come into effect this Friday. According to Cuomo, the state’s latest regulations limit groups to 10 people when they gather indoors. The governor said the restrictions apply to private gatherings, such as parties and other social events. It was not immediately clear how the state intended to regulate or enforce this part of its new harm reduction order. Washington Newsday approached Cuomo’s office for additional comments but did not receive a response in time for publication.

In addition to the attendance limits, New York restaurants, bars and fitness facilities are instructed to close their doors at 22:00 ET each evening, beginning at that time on Friday. Reporters present during the conference call on Wednesday afternoon, during which Cuomo explained the new mandates, said that restaurants and bars will be allowed to provide a curbside pickup service after the 10:00 p.m. curfew.

New York follows science.

We know that gatherings and parties in closed rooms are a major source of COVID’s distribution.

To slow the spread, NYS will limit the number of indoor meetings in private homes to 10 people.

This limitation will come into effect on Friday at 22:00.

– Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) November 11, 2020

In response to the rising COVID numbers, NYS is taking measures to stop the spread.

All establishments with a state liquor license, including bars and restaurants, must close at 22:00.

Gyms also have to close at 22:00.

These new national rules will come into effect on Friday at 22:00.

– Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) November 11, 2020

“COVID is getting worse every day. All over the country,” the governor wrote on Twitter after revealing the logs. “The fall wave is here. We’re taking action, but we need New Yorkers to do their part.”

Regarding restrictions on private meetings, Cuomo added that COVID-19 outbreaks were often attributed to crowded indoor social gatherings. In most parts of the state, social gatherings have been limited to 50 people, with some hotspot areas subject to stricter guidelines.

The governor’s conference on Wednesday coincided with the latest report from health authorities on COVID-19, which confirmed over 4,800 new infections in New York State since Tuesday.

Daily case numbers in New York have increased significantly over the past two weeks, following consistently low numbers reported during the summer and then confirmed between 1,000 and 2,000 new cases per day in October. Before Wednesday, New York had not reported more than 4,800 daily infections since the last week of April, according to data released by the New York State Department of Health.

The most significant increase in virus cases has been in New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has been warning for weeks of an impending second wave of COVID 19 infections. During a press conference on Tuesday, he said that the city could be forced to close classes in New York City’s public schools – the largest public school system in the country with more than 1 million students – if the average weekly ratio of positive test results to tests taken is more than 3 percent.

The average test positive rate remained below this threshold on Wednesday at 2.5 percent.


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