Shooting during the Virginia ‘Trump Train’ Rally after the confrontation near the Robert E. Lee Monument.


Virginia police responded to reports of gunfire and confrontations over the weekend, which coincided with a political rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Richmond police said the mobile “Trump Train” demonstration came to town on Sunday afternoon after arriving from Henrico County, with participants heading to the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument and Allen Avenue.

In a statement, police added that confrontations with individuals occurred at the county while some of the vehicles left the streets and drove across grassy median strips near the area.

A woman who was in the area reported that she was sprayed with pepper spray from a vehicle by an unknown person. The alleged attack took place shortly before 4:20 pm. According to the police, no further injuries were reported.

Moments earlier, officers had been called to investigate a report of an unoccupied vehicle that was once hit by gunfire near the Robert E. Lee statue on the 1800 block of Monument Avenue.

“The officers responded to clear the area and investigate the robbery,” the Richmond police statement said.

After the incidents, roadblocks were set up, with the intersection of Monument Avenue and Meadow Street, Monument Avenue and Lombardy Street, Park Avenue and Allen Avenue, West Grace Stree and Allen Avenue closed to traffic.

Police said they would continue to maintain a presence in the area and monitor the area overnight on Sunday.

“As soon as normal traffic conditions are restored, the community will be notified,” the Richmond police statement continued. “Transit and emergency vehicles will be able to pass through the area.”

The officers also appealed to the public with information about the incidents, including all persons with photographs of people and vehicles involved in an assault, to come forward and contact the Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

The incidents occurred just days before the November 3 election, in which Trump will attempt to fend off Democratic challenger Joe Biden and keep the White House for another four years.

Recent opinion polls suggest that Biden is on his way to defeat Trump, whose victory in 2016 came at the expense of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

National polls currently show that Biden, former vice president under Barack Obama, has a lead of more than 8 percent over his rival.

In Virginia, which has 13 votes in the electoral college, the president is more than 11 percentage points behind Biden, according to the pollster of FiveThirtyEight.

The state supported Clinton in the 2016 elections, with the former first lady receiving 5 percent more votes than Trump did four years ago.


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