Seven people are shot at a candlelight vigil in Detroit, and the suspect flees.


Seven people are shot at a candlelight vigil in Detroit, and the suspect flees.

According to local TV station WDIV, a man opened fire during a candlelight vigil on Detroit’s West Side on Sunday night, hurting seven people and sending them to the hospital. A gathering of at least 100 people had assembled to pay their respects to a man who had recently been murdered in a hit-and-run while riding an ATV.

According to authorities, the shooting occurred between 10 and 10:15 p.m. when the perpetrator arrived in a lime green Chevrolet Camaro and started fire. Authorities are on the lookout for the vehicle, which they suspect was damaged by crowd fire. A search is also underway for a black Chevrolet Tahoe observed driving away from the vigil area.

In a statement, Police Chief James White stated, “We located a number of different shot casings in the vicinity, so it’s conceivable there was some return fire, but we just don’t know enough right now.” “However, we’re in the midst of looking into it.

Following the incident, six people were brought to the hospital for treatment, according to police. Five of the casualties were stated to be in critical condition, while one was said to be in serious condition. Later, another injured victim was admitted to the hospital.

The Detroit Police Department was contacted for a statement or update, but no response was received before publishing.

According to another report from WDIV, the shooting was one of several in Detroit on Sunday night, some of which resulted in fatalities. Except for one, all of these shootings took place on the West Side. In an altercation that officials believe started in a pub, a guy in his 30s was shot and later died from his injuries on Chopin Street. A shooting broke out on Longacre Street about midnight after an argument. According to authorities, a bullet struck a woman close during the altercation.

In another incident, a shooter knocked on a door and shot a 28-year-old man who answered it. The victim’s condition is thought to be critical. Two men were critically injured after a motorist came up next to them and started fire while they were sitting in their automobiles on the city’s East Side about 1:10 a.m.


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