Sean Hannity says that an unprecedented “overhaul” in the Pennsylvania elections could reverse the alleged election fraud.


Fox News presenter Sean Hannity had the idea on Thursday night of a “rerun” of the Pennsylvania presidential election if the vote count turns out to be illegal and fraudulent.

Hannity admitted that this scenario is “something that has never been done before.

Pennsylvania is critical to the possible victory of Republican President Donald Trump. As a result, his 20 electoral votes are hotly contested by both parties, and the vote count has been the subject of complaints from the Trump campaign.

After Hannity quoted the part of the U.S. Constitution that requires the legislature to lay down the electoral laws of each state, he said: “It is the state legislature that decides on electoral laws and regulations, not local or city officials.

“And by the way,” Hannity continued, “it’s illegal for them to block observers or limit the location to 20 or 100 feet where you can’t observe. It is also illegal for the City of Philadelphia to disregard a court order that allows the observers back in”.

Hannity referred to the court order issued Thursday by Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon, a Republican in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, which immediately overturned a lower court’s rejection of the Trump campaign’s request to have Philadelphia election observers observe the tellers from only six feet away.

Election committee attorneys appealed Judge Fizzano’s decision to the state Supreme Court. The complaint stated that election observers observing the vote count at the Philadelphia Convention Center were allowed to stand in an observation area where they would not interfere with the work of the tellers or possibly spread the coronavirus.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Linda Kerns, an attorney who is handling the case for the Trump campaign, wrote in her appeal against the lower court decision: “The Elections Committee appears to indicate that the requirements of the electoral code are met as long as the observers and representatives are in the room (whether the room is the size of an office or the size of a soccer field).

“To allow such a narrow interpretation is contrary to logic and reason,” she continued. “To impose a distance that prevents a candidate or his observers from actually being present, wraps the election process in a veil and denies transparency and accountability.

Continuing his monologue, Hannity wondered, “Does this invalidate the process, considering that they are breaking the law? And what is the remedy?”

“The only remedy I would see at this point is – they did it, and they violated the law, no one can testify to the legitimacy of their count – well, what is that, a retry in this state? Hannity wondered and added: “By the way, something that has never happened in a presidential election.

The Trump campaign claims to have evidence of election fraud in Pennsylvania. In a press conference outside the center on Thursday following Judge Fizzano’s decision, Trump campaign deputy Pam Bondi said, “We’re not going anywhere until they say we won Pennsylvania.

On Thursday afternoon, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said that by the end of the day, the state would count most of its estimated 550,000 outstanding votes.

On Thursday afternoon Trump leads the state with about 114,000 votes ahead of Biden. Trump must win the state to have a chance for re-election.

Washington Newsday has asked the commissioners of the city of Philadelphia for a comment.


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