Screaming Match in the Background Ruins a Woman’s Graduation Walk


Screaming Match in the Background Ruins a Woman’s Graduation Walk

A student has described how a screaming outburst in the audience wrecked her long-awaited graduation walk.

Alexandra Garcia, who goes by the TikTok handle alexandraa.x0x0, presented what was supposed to be a proud moment after it became memorable for a different reason.

Garcia’s name is yelled as she steps onto the stage in this short video captured from the audience.

The crowd claps as the videographer urges her on, but she’s only taken a few steps when she hears wailing from the back of the room.

Garcia looks towards the direction of the noise, where she can hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs, “no, nothing’s right,” and other inaudible things.

The room falls silent as Garcia, a Florida native, concludes her walk in bewilderment, later stating that she was “very upset.”

Garcia wrote the following caption for the video, which was posted on Saturday, May 22: “This is how my walk went,” says the narrator. “Be patient.”

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alexandra’s original sound

“Btw, I tried to walk again and they wouldn’t let me,” she later alleged.

It’s been viewed over 25 million times since then, and she posted a follow-up segment on Thursday explaining the context of the cacophony.

“After my graduation, something happened outdoors with this person, as far as I understand,” she stated. No, this individual is not a friend or family member of mine. It had nothing to do with me personally; it just happened to happen as I was walking.

“I was upset and disappointed, to be sure. But I was mostly embarrassed, I felt bad for my friends and my family who were watching it live. It’s not how I imagined my graduation procession to go. That is my account of what occurred. I’d like to express my gratitude to you for making this unpleasant situation into one of the most memorable.”

Although Garcia didn’t confirm which educational establishment she attended, one woman, called Cally Marie Loftus, commented: “My dad is the principal at the HS (bald man) he came home that night and was like ‘I’m retiring.’”

Garcia’s response was, “Lamo ugh.”

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