Sam Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend said in 2009 that he “forced himself sexually” and “exhibited mood swings.”


Sam Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend said in 2009 that he “forced himself sexually” and “exhibited mood swings.”

In 2009, Sam Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend said that the suspected San Jose shooter had “severe mood swings” and sexually “forced himself” on her.

“As a result of bi-polar disorder, [Cassidy] had huge mood swings during our relationship. When [Cassidy] drank a lot of alcohol, it made her mood swings even worse. He also engaged in a number of mind games, which he appears to enjoy,” according to court documents acquired by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The ex-girlfriend filed court filings in Santa Clara County Superior Court, asking for a restraining order. The ex-girlfriend also alleged in court records that Cassidy “became inebriated, furious, and forced himself” on her sexually “several times” during their relationship.

According to court filings, Cassidy was accused by his ex-girlfriend of playing “mind games” as well as being abusive. He was identified by law enforcement officials as the guy who fatally shot nine coworkers at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) train plant.

According to the court filings, Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend, who has not been recognized, dated him for around a year.

The court filings go on to describe a number of instances during their relationship in which Cassidy grew “enraged” when his ex-girlfriend refused to engage in sexual activity. In court filings, Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend also stated that he was over six feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds, making it impossible for her to restrain him when he grew enraged and violent.

“There were definitely issues of forced sexual contact and other things to that effect,” the ex-lawyer, girlfriend’s Robert Gary Cummings, told the Daily Beast. “She felt that he was bipolar, that his moods ran hot and cold.” Cummings also told the Daily Beast that the two reached an agreement and promised not to contact each other following the 2009 court filings.

Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend told KNTV in California after the shooting that when she turned down Cassidy’s marriage proposal, he “became completely different,” becoming “angry” and “nasty.”

Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend told KNTV after learning of the shooting on Wednesday, “He’s a murderer…

He was responsible for the deaths of many innocent people. That’s a disaster. “I’m depressed.”

The reappearance of the 2009 court documents comes just days after law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that Cassidy was the alleged shooter.

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