Sacha Baron Cohen mocks Rudy Giuliani after the lawyer held a press conference with a convicted sex offender.


Actor Sacha Baron Cohen seemed to tease Rudy Giuliani on Twitter after it became known that one of the survey observers Giuliani had invited to a press conference last weekend was a convicted sex offender.

The news came just weeks after the former mayor of New York City and current personal lawyer was accused by President Donald Trump of having stuck his hand in his pants during a short appearance in Baron Cohen’s latest film, an act that Giuliani denied.

“In all fairness to Rudy, maybe he just tucked his shirt into his pants,” Baron Cohen wrote on Twitter. His post was accompanied by a Politico article reporting that Daryl Brooks, one of the speakers at Giuliani’s Saturday press conference in Philadelphia, was a convicted sex offender.

To be fair, one has to say to Rudy that he may have just tucked his shirt into his pants.

– Sacha Baron Cohen (@SachaBaronCohen) November 9, 2020

Giuliani held the press conference shortly after several broadcasters had announced the presidential race for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 7. Giuliani told reporters that Trump did not intend to abandon the election and questioned the legitimacy of hundreds of thousands of ballots.

Brooks was the first to speak at the press conference after Giuliani. Giuliani introduced him as one of “50 or 60 election observers who will all testify that they were uniformly denied the right to see every single part of the ballot papers. Giuliani said Trump’s campaign would continue on Monday with its legal challenges to the allegedly illegally cast ballots.

While Trump seemed to be in the lead on the evening of Election Day, in the following days it became apparent that Biden had exceeded his vote count in several contested states, a development that eventually enabled him to achieve the 270 votes needed to win the presidency. Trump’s campaign filed several lawsuits last week alleging that election observers were prevented from monitoring the vote-counting process, despite the denials of the state election officials responsible for counting votes.

Giuliani’s appearance in the Borat sequel, a sequel to the 2006 Borat blockbuster film, was brief but controversial, as he appeared to stick his hand in his pants during an interview that Giulani claimed was a legitimate interview. Giuliani denied having done so and said that he had actually put his hand in his pants after removing the microphone equipment.

Giuliani told listeners during his daily broadcast on WABC-AM last month that he was fully clothed for the duration of the alleged interview. “I had my jacket on – I was fully clothed the whole time – and I had to take off the electronic equipment,” Giuliani said. “When the electronic equipment was taken off, some of it was on my back, and my shirt came out a little, came out a little, even though I was fully dressed. And I leaned back and put my shirt in.”

Giuliani repeated that he tucked his shirt into his pants: “I assure you that that was all I did,” he said.

Since this scene became known before the film was released on October 23, Giuliani called Baron Cohen a “liar” and called the performance of the film a “complete fabrication. Giuliani also hinted that the attention given to his scene was an attempt to divert attention from Biden’s alleged “crime”.

“The Borat video is a complete invention,” Giuliani twittered on October 21. “I tucked my shirt into my pants after removing the recording device. At no point before, during or after the interview was I ever inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen says otherwise, he is a stone-cold liar.”

“This is an attempt to blunt my relentless exposure of the crime and depravity of Joe Biden and his entire family,” Giuliani said.

Washington Newsday asked Giuliani for a comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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