Rudy Giuliani of Kate McKinnon declares Trump’s campaign strategy the SNL.


Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani visited Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” desk to discuss legal strategies for President Donald Trump’s campaign lawsuits.

On Saturday, when the election for Joe Biden was announced by the networks, the president’s attorney held a press conference in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company and threatened further legal action – one that the president had initially mistakenly touted as taking place in the upscale Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

Hours later, McKinnon again portrayed Giuliani in the SNL, mocking this mishap.

“Did you see my press conference today?” McKinnon’s Giuliani asked the host of the Weekend Update, Colin Jost. “It was at the Four Seasons. Fancy!”

Jost remarked that the conference was actually held in a landscaping facility, not a hotel. “Was this a mistake?” Jost McKinnon’s Giuliani asked.

“What?” asked Jost. No!” said McKinnon’s Giuliani and then added: “Anyway, I’m glad that I made it in time for the show. First I was at 30 Rocks. This is a granite quarry in New Rochelle.”

Then McKinnon’s Giuliani went on to explain how the Trump team plans to fight the election outcome in court after the president continued to unfoundedly claim that there was widespread voter fraud.

“Listen to me, I have tons of strategies. First, we’re going to throw out fake ballots… these ballots could be from Mars!” McKinnons Giuliani said.

This sounds like a joke to the SNL, but Giuliani actually made the remark about the Martian ballots at a press conference on Wednesday.

“That’s a real thing that you actually said,” Jost remarked.

“That’s right,” said Giuliani of McKinnon. “So we will demand that we look at all the names… if the name is Meep Thorp Xandar and the address is Mars, we will have these ballots thrown away.

McKinnon’s Giuliani went on to say that some of the ballots might actually be tortillas. “We’ll eat them and see if they’re tortillas,” she said, “if my ass explodes after I eat them, you know it’s a tortilla.”

Jost then asked, “What actual legal recourse do you have to contest these results?”

McKinnon’s answer reflected how little consistency there was in the Trump team’s legal challenges.

“In Michigan we demanded a recount,” she said, “In Wisconsin we demanded a recount,” she said. In Nevada we demanded a recount, in Arizona and in Georgia we demanded a recount: Opposite Day. We will also request that I personally conduct the recount, and our silver bullet is… I can’t count very high.”

McKinnons Giuliani added, “We are also suing all states.”

“You’re suing all the states for what?” Jost asked.

“I don’t know, child support? Manslaughter? I don’t know!” McKinnons Giuliani replied.

McKinnons Giuliani also accused the pollsters of being paid to lie to the American people.

“They always say, ‘Hey baby, I’m Cinnamon. My real name is Brittany. “My real name is Brittany.” Shh… don’t tell them I told you,'” said McKinnon’s Giuliani. “And then you find out her name isn’t Brittany!”

But after a moment Jost confirmed that McKinnon’s Giuliani was actually talking about strippers. “Yes, strippers, pollsters,” said McKinnon’s Giuliani.

But if all legal precepts fail and Trump is unable to secure a second term, McKinnon’s Giuliani declared that he would simply return to the city “that made me”-New York City, the city of which Giuliani was once mayor.

“I will be fine,” McKinnons Giuliani said. “I will return to the city that made me. Hey New York, Daddy’s home, do you miss me?”..


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