Rodney Dunn, the Arkansas cop who flipped a pregnant woman’s car, is not facing any charges.


Rodney Dunn, the Arkansas cop who flipped a pregnant woman’s car, is not facing any charges.

No disciplinary action has been taken against an Arkansas State Police trooper who used a maneuver designed to halt car pursuits to flip over a pregnant woman’s vehicle.

Because Nicole Harper is suing officer Rodney Dunn, dashcam footage of the moment her car was tipped over has been made public. According to Fox 16, she claims Dunn was irresponsible in performing a pursuit intervention technique—or PIT—maneuver.

Dunn tells Harper to pull over in the video, which was shot in July 2020 on a highway south of Jacksonville, after he allegedly caught her speeding at 84 mph in a 70 mph zone. Harper’s SUV can be seen slowing down, pulling over to the right lane, and flashing her emergency lights, which her lawsuit claims demonstrates she intended to pull over.

Harper explained that she was seeking for a safe place to pull over since the freeway shoulder was too narrow.

According to the lawsuit, Dunn performed a PIT maneuver roughly two minutes after putting on his blue lights, bumping the back of Harper’s car as she traveled around 60 miles per hour and flipping it over.

The incident’s video has been widely shared and seen over 2.4 million times on Twitter.

Because she didn’t pull over quickly enough, an officer rolled over a pregnant woman’s automobile.

Not only was what she did not improper; it was exactly what you should do: turn on your hazards to show you’re complying and pull over to the nearest safe location to do so…

This cop is still on the job. kvNEeEmdf6 (@kvNEeEmdf6) (@kvNEeEmdf6) (@kvNEeEmd

June 9, 2021 — Stephen Ford (@StephenSeanFord)

Several social media users have expressed their displeasure with Dunn’s continued employment after he used the PIT maneuver on a pregnant woman who was not running and was attempting to pull over.

“Enraging. Arkansas Officer Rodney Dunn flips over Nicole Harper’s car—while she was pregnant—b/c ‘she didn’t pull over quick enough.’ He’s still a cop & faces 0 consequences b/c of qualified immunity. Unacceptable,” tweeted human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid.

Arkansas congressional candidate Dan Whitfield posted: “Arkansas state trooper Rodney Dunn is a danger to Arkansans and should not be patrolling our highways. He flipped the vehicle of a pregnant woman over that was clearly adhering. This is a brief summary.


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