Rick Astley is featured in a ‘Epic’ recruitment video released by the Miami Police Department.


Rick Astley is featured in a ‘Epic’ recruitment video released by the Miami Police Department.

Miami cops have launched a “epic” movie trailer-style recruitment video set to Rick Astley’s pop song Never Gonna Give You Up.

The video begins with two cops sprinting up a flight of stairs before bursting out onto a roof, complete with a wide angle shot shot from a chopper that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster.

“The Chief wants us to film a video announcing that we’re hiring,” one cop explains as he dons sunglasses and reveals a set of DJ decks.

“This is Miami,” he exclaims, “Let’s do this Miami way,” as he blasts a remix of Astley’s 1987 song.

Speed boats, helicopters, and officers abseil down buildings are featured in the four-minute commercial, which has strong Miami Vice overtones.

In the meanwhile, stylised cartoon portions with huge writing wouldn’t be out of place on a Grand Theft Auto poster.

The commercial features SWAT, road patrol, K-9 unit, mounted patrol, motorized unit, maritime patrol, criminal investigations unit, bomb squad, aviation detail, community relations section, crisis negotiation team, and real-time crime center, as well as the bicycle response team.

The ad continues to have a polished movie feel with cinematic wide shots of the famed skyline from the air and high-speed motorcycle rides.

It also includes favorable testimonies from persons who are believed to be residents, who commended the department for being “understanding,” “professional,” “approachable,” “respectful,” “fantastic,” and “first class,” with one woman even referring to them as “heroes.”

The website states that applicants must pass stringent vision and background checks, as well as a polygraph exam, in order to be considered for a position as a police officer.

If successful, contestants will advance to the police academy, which is based on a movie.

Although the wage scale isn’t posted on the portal, a now-expired advertisement for a police officer in the Miami-Dade Police Department showed a salary range of $53,554.80 to $95,321.20.

On Wednesday, the film was posted to the police department’s social media accounts with the caption: “The most incredible police recruitment video we’ve ever seen. A blend of Miami culture, elite police units, and, most importantly, some on-the-street interviews with locals to show you what we’re all about.” Rundisneydad48.6 wrote on Rundisneydad48.6’s blog about the commercial: “Wow, that was a great video.” “Rick rolling everyone,” Ptlm buck 103 joked. Added by Thinblueline financial: This is a condensed version of the information.


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