Representative Charlie Crist slams Gov. Ron DeSantis for visiting the Texas border during the COVID outbreak.


Representative Charlie Crist slams Gov. Ron DeSantis for visiting the Texas border during the COVID outbreak.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was attacked by Democratic Representative Charlie Crist, a Florida gubernatorial candidate, on Sunday for lacking “leadership” and visiting the Texas border during the state’s current COVID-19 influx.

Crist mentioned Florida’s latest coronavirus outbreak during a campaign stop in Broward County, accusing DeSantis of ignoring his pandemic responsibilities.

“You’re aware of what’s going on. We’ve made it to the summit. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Crist stated of the current incidence of viral infections, “And that is a debatable distinction.” “And why is that?” says the narrator. We don’t have leadership because we don’t have any.”

“How is he [DeSantis] dealing with it? He’ll be in Texas. He is on his way to the border. Texas. You are, after all, the governor of Florida,” Crist remarked. “He doesn’t get it.” And you know he’s using our tax dollars to send our law enforcement to Texas while folks in Florida are dying. Unbelievable.”

Crist was responding to DeSantis’ decision last month to send Florida law enforcement officers to assist with border patrols in Texas. Then, on July 17, DeSantis went to Texas for a “border security briefing” when COVID-19 cases in Florida were on the rise, a move that was widely panned by Democrats.

Crist accused DeSantis of ignoring Florida and treating it as a “stepping stone” while focusing on a possible GOP presidential bid on Sunday.

“Florida is unique. This governor is a presidential candidate. He’s treating Florida as if she’s nothing more than a stepping stone. Florida is unique. During the campaign rally, Crist stated, “She is not a stepping stone.”

Crist also chastised DeSantis for failing to promote the coronavirus vaccine, accusing him of favoring wealthy, white Republican voters above others.

“People must be educated about the need of getting vaccinated on a regular basis. And when we’re inside and close, we’re wearing masks.”

As the highly dangerous Delta variant spreads, Florida currently leads the nation in COVID-19 infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida is home to one out of every five new infections.

The state recorded a total of 73,199 illnesses for the week ending Friday, up from 15,978 just three weeks ago. According to The Sun-Sentinel, the test positivity rate has risen to 15.1 percent, a threefold increase from the beginning of the month.

DeSantis has made a habit of touting a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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