QAnon Crashes After Gavin Newsom’s Recall Victory, Desperately Pushing Voter Fraud Claims


QAnon Crashes After Gavin Newsom’s Recall Victory, Desperately Pushing Voter Fraud Claims

Several prominent QAnon supporters are alleging falsely that Governor Gavin Newsom won the California recall election due to voting fraud.

This unfounded charge, which has been made by GOP politicians aiming to cast doubt on the outcome, comes after Newsom’s landslide victory.

On Tuesday night, less than an hour after the polls closed, the Associated Press named the Democrat the winner. With roughly 66 percent of the ballots tabulated so far, more than 64 percent of voters replied “no” when asked if Newsom should be removed as governor.

Several key figures in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement are continuing to make baseless accusations about voter fraud despite a lack of evidence.

“The Newsom Recall election may be even more rigged than the 2020 presidential election, and that’s saying something,” longtime QAnon advocate Jordan Sather wrote on private messaging site Telegram.

“Keep in mind, so far ONLY the mail-in ballots have been tabulated, with 61 percent currently reporting…,” QAnon John, whose real name is John Sabal and who organizes QAnon conferences, remarked.

That’s what I refer to as “premium B******T.”

“ANDDDD Fox News just called it for Newsom with LESS than half of all precincts reporting…” Sabal said later, when the results were being announced.

“Of course they did…” says the narrator.

Elsewhere “Do you believe there would be a 3am drop of vote batches that are 99 percent to keep Newsom?” asked Ron Watkins, a former moderator for messageboard site 8Kun who is thought by some to have played the enigmatic figure known as “Q.”

A total of 95% of those who responded to the survey said yes.

“Do I believe there is major voter fraud in California?” wrote Qtah, another key person in the radical movement. Absolutely

“Do I believe it’s still going on?” Absolutely. My main conclusion is that 1/3 of the population (with rigged numbers) is waking up from Commiefornia. This is a powerful show of force ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, which the Democrats must now face. Their scare tactics and fear mongering aren’t working any longer. They’ll be in for a lot more surprises in the coming months.”

Suggestions of voter fraud, like the so-called “great deception” concerning the 2020 election, are not limited to fringe conspiracy theorists.

Who is still Donald Trump? This is a condensed version of the information.


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