Psaki slammed by Donald Trump Jr. for promoting Biden’s weight lifting: ‘Are you serious, Jen?… ‘The Whole World Is On Fire’


Psaki slammed by Donald Trump Jr. for promoting Biden’s weight lifting: ‘Are you serious, Jen?… ‘The Whole World Is On Fire’

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. blasted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for debating Democratic Vice President Joe Biden’s weight-lifting and fitness regimen in public.

“Are you serious, Jen?” Trump remarked, “The planet is on fire.”

Trump made the remark in a video released on Tuesday, in which he showed a journalist questioning Psaki about Biden’s workout routine. Biden is asked whether he weight lifts, goes on bike rides, or hires a personal trainer.

Psaki replied, “I have little to read on the President’s private exercise routine,” but added, “Having traveled with him a reasonable amount, I can tell you that he’s sometimes hard to keep up with.”

Trump laughed at Psaki’s answer.

“He can’t walk up the stairs of Air Force One without falling over,” Trump said, referring to Biden’s stumbling up the stairs to Air Force One on March 19. Many of Biden’s detractors questioned his fitness and mental ability after the stumble.

“What in the world are you enquiring about? What if the President of the United States drives a stationary bike? Oh, that’s fantastic,” Trump said. He called the reporters Biden’s “fan club” and comparing their questions to “softballs.”

“The world is on fire, and we’re pretending that everything’s just fine, and Joe Biden is riding a bike and he’s weightlifting, he’s a strong and viable leader,” Trump added. “We got to push back, we got to call it out…. since we’re not going to know what’s actually going on, because [Biden is] not going to tell us, and neither is the press secretary.”

After Biden’s stumbling on the airplane stairway, Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, told reporters that the weather had been “pretty windy.” She said that she too had almost fallen when walking up the same stairway.

In December 2019, Biden’s physician Kevin O’Connor said Biden was a “healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old male” who was fit to “execute the duties of the Presidency.” Biden appointed O’Connor as the new White House physician in January.

Republican former President Donald Trump also received criticisms and speculation about his mental and physical fitness while in office. Numerous mental health professionals said it was unethical to try and diagnose him while he ran for office or assumed the presidency.

Before becoming president, then-candidate Trump had Dr. Harold Bornstein issue a letter calling him “the healthiest individual. This is a brief summary.


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