Protestor beaten, dragged down the street by NYPD officer in viral video.


A video capturing the moment when a demonstrator was apparently beaten and dragged across the street by New York police officers has been circulated in social media.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Washington Square Park on Wednesday night to demand that every vote in the 2020 election be counted.

The nation is still waiting to find out who won the election between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but the President claimed victory prematurely and filed lawsuits to stop counting votes in several key states, including Pennsylvania, while vowing to request a recount in Wisconsin, which was demanded for Biden.

Autonomous protesters and the press around Leroy and 7th Ave from Washington Sq are attacked, beaten, beaten and shoved by the NYPD.

– NYC Protest Updates 2020 (@protest_nyc) November 5, 2020

The Twitter page “NYC Protests Updates 2020” reported that around 500 activists from various groups, including the Protect The Results coalition, were in Washington Square Park on Wednesday evening.

Shortly thereafter, the report reported that hundreds of protesters marched through the West Village neighborhood, including observers from the National Lawyers Guild.

Later, the report tweeted a video in which a police officer knocked a protestor to the ground over a garbage can near the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Leroy Street.

“Autonomous protesters and the press near Leroy and 7th Ave from Washington Sq are being attacked, beaten, knocked down and shoved by the NYPD,” the tweet said next to the video. The clip has since been viewed more than a million times on Twitter.

“You are on camera! You’re on fucking camera,” you can hear a person screaming while a group of people surround them.

As the camera pans in closer, you can see one officer pulling the protesters’ shirts on the street while other officers are pushing people back. “The whole world is watching,” you hear a voice shouting.

Jordan Baruch, who provides reports for the Twitter site “NYC Protests Updates 2020,” told Washington Newsday that he filmed the video. At that moment, NYPD officials “followed a largely peaceful group of protesters and tried to clear the streets by randomly arresting people,” Baruch said.

“Many demonstrators rushed to the sidewalk, and some documented and tried to help people who had been brutally treated, such as the person who was pushed over a trash can and dragged away,” Baruch added.

We support everyone’s right to self-expression, but setting fire endangers others and will not be tolerated. We are working to de-escalate the situation near Morton Street in the West Village to prevent further damage.

– NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) November 5, 2020

The NYPD and the National Lawyers Guild were contacted to comment on the incident. The NYPD said on Twitter that its officers arrested more than 20 people on Wednesday night. These individuals “tried to hijack a peaceful protest by starting fires and throwing garbage and eggs in Manhattan,” the NYPD said.

In another tweet on Wednesday night, the NYPD said, “We support everyone’s right to self-expression, but setting fires endangers others and will not be tolerated.

The “NYC Protest Updates” site added that some demonstrators “set fire to trash cans after waves of aggressive arrests, reportedly for marching in the streets.

In an earlier tweet, it said police began arresting protesters after they “forced their way into the crowd near the intersection of Christopher Street and Greenwich Street. “Why can the people not march now? In a video included in the Tweet, you can hear a man asking the police officers, “What’s going on here? No answer was given.

In another video, an official could be heard announcing over loudspeakers that demonstrators were gathering illegally on the street.

The police begin mass arrests of an armed group in the 5th and 8th districts.

Demonstrators, packed like sardines, are beaten and arrested, while police onlookers laugh.

– NYC Protest Updates 2020 (@protest_nyc) November 5, 2020

Demonstrators and the NYPD continue to argue in the West Village tonight. After waves of aggressive arrests, reportedly for marching in the streets, the protesters begin lighting some trash fires.

– NYC Prot


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