Presidential election called for Joe Biden of AP, Networks.


The Associated Press and other television stations have called the 2020 election and predict that Democratic candidate Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States.

Media networks based their projections on Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania, the state where he was born. Although Biden has been leading the referendum since Tuesday evening, both he and President Donald Trump are in a stalemate with the electoral college and are waiting for the other states to count the outstanding ballots.

Before his anticipated victory in Pennsylvania, Biden had 264 votes according to AP, compared to Trump’s 214. With the state’s 20 votes, Biden now has a total of 284 votes, giving him the 270 votes needed to secure the White House.

Trump needed Pennsylvania to win re-election because there was no way for him to get those 270 votes without them. Even if he were to win every other prominent state such as Alaska, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina, it would not be enough.

Biden won Pennsylvania by a narrow margin, with only 34,458 votes, giving him the upper hand over Trump, according to the AP. The former vice president took the lead in the state early Friday morning after thousands of postal ballots had been counted and added to the total.

Biden also led Trump nationwide in the popular vote, with 74.85 million votes compared to Trump’s 70.59 million, according to the AP.

Biden’s predicted victory marks an unofficial end to an “election night” that had lasted nearly four full days. Several states have yet to be called, as election officials continue counting the remaining ballots, and recounts are likely in states with a narrow range of votes.

Trump and his campaign have repeatedly made unsubstantiated allegations of vote fraud and other irregularities in the days leading up to and following the November 3 election. He has filed about a dozen lawsuits in various states, largely aimed at stopping the vote count. However, none of these lawsuits appear to be gaining ground, as they were filed without any substantiated evidence, the New York Times reported.

In a statement released shortly after the media networks called the race and named Biden as the winner, Trump promised to continue his legal battle by “pursuing our case in court to ensure that the electoral laws are fully complied with.

“The simple fact is that this election is far from over,” Trump said.

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