Police say that the target shopper draws his gun after being asked to wear a mask


A purchaser who was attacked for not wearing a mask was arrested after swinging a handgun, according to police.

Suspects identified as Mohamud Abdalla were asked by two female employees to put on a mask after entering a Target store in Morgan Hill in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 27 year old man became agitated, according to police, after being approached by the two employees. Then he allegedly grabbed a gun from his pocket.

Both Target employees feared for their safety and called 911, reported the police, while Abdalla stayed in the store until officers arrived on the scene. He was booked into the main Santa Clara County jail.

Disputes between buyers over the wearing of face masks have become a regular feature of the pandemic.

In May, video footage of a mass dispute in a Staten Island store spread after a woman entered a ShopRite store without a face mask.

In the clip, a woman pushing a shopping cart without a face mask is surrounded by people shouting “Get out” and “Get out” while customers repeatedly point at the door.

As a store spokesperson said at the time, “Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. At ShopRite, we continue to adhere to our hygiene and social distancing protocols to ensure that our stores remain a safe place for employees and customers to work and shop.

“We are all in the same boat and ask everyone for patience and understanding in this difficult time”.

A month later, a viral video showed a man in Florida opposing Walmart’s mask policy, entering the store without a face cover and rushing past a security guard.

He was filmed pushing the employee before he fell to the ground.

“You have to wear a mask, brother,” said the person who recorded the incident on video posted on Twitter.

You can see the man getting up after he fell and continuing into the store while a security guard with a face mask tries to block him.

The customer pushes the security guard into a basket of tomatoes and continues into the store before being surrounded by three employees.

A Walmart employee says, “Sir, you have to get out.” The man ignores the salesman and goes back into the store.

Walmart said this in a statement to Washington Newsday at the time: “Maintaining the safety of our customers and employees remains our top priority.

“We encourage customers to pay special attention to each other at this unprecedented time and to follow the recommendations and decisions of local officials regarding the use of face protective clothing in public places.


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