Police say a man left his disabled wife trapped in a truck for five days.


Police say a man left his disabled wife trapped in a truck for five days.

In Kentucky, a man was jailed on suspicion of abandoning his crippled wife in a truck for five days after she requested that he take her to the hospital.

Following an incident involving his wife, Michael Redmon, 51, who he looks after due to her cognitive difficulties, he was charged with first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Sherrie Redmon told the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on July 12 that she begged her husband to take her to the hospital, according to an arrest report obtained by WKYT.

He said she “ought for help from the truck multiple times,” the woman told deputies, but her husband disregarded her for five days.

On July 17, the suspect drove his wife to Frankfort Regional Medical Center.

The woman’s skin had become attached to the seat, and bodily excrement was flowing from the vehicle.

According to a police citation obtained by the Lexington Herald Leader, Sherrie Redmon also had “many sores and spots where her skin is degrading.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reported the Frankfort Regional Medical Center requested a medical lift to take the woman out of the truck because they “noticed that she was adhering to the seat.”

When Sherrie Redmon arrived at the hospital, she was also coated in feces and urine.

Michael Redmon was taken into jail at the Franklin County Detention Center and charged with first-degree criminal abuse.

We reached out to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

After their children were discovered living in filthy conditions, a couple in Franklin County pleaded guilty to child abuse charges in 2020.

After Franklin County Sheriff’s officers discovered the children living in a gnat- and cockroach-infested home in October 2019, Kristin Marie Hensley and Jeremy Wilson were arrested.

The youngsters appeared to have gone several days without bathing, and there was insufficient food in the house to feed them. According to the State-Journal, deputies reportedly claimed that each room in the house was stuffed with trash bags.

After pleading guilty to four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, four counts of failing to report child dependency, neglect, or abuse, and two counts of parent or guardian abuse, Hensley agreed to a five-year sentence in October 2020. This is a condensed version of the information.


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