Police in Florida say a woman kept her autistic child in a cage.


Police in Florida say a woman kept her autistic child in a cage.

After being accused of abusing children in her care, a Florida lady is facing many counts, including keeping a severely autistic youngster trapped within a wood and metal cage.

According to police records obtained by NBC station WFLA, Melissa Doss, 43, was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week and faces three charges of child neglect and one charge of aggravated child abuse.

Local police in Palm Bay, Florida, visited Doss’ home in the area of Fillmore Avenue Northeast multiple times over the weekend, according to documents, and eventually forced her to open her front door when she originally refused.

Doss’ residence was originally contacted by the authorities after a neighbor reported seeing a child within their screened-in patio. Officers determined that the autistic girl resided next door to the 43-year-old at his home.

Doss informed the authorities that she had been sleeping and had no idea the youngster had left her house and entered her neighbors’ home. She refused to let the authorities into her home at the time to check for any potential dangers.

The police rushed to Doss’ home after the youngster was reported by neighbors at their home, where she informed officers she was “near the end of her rope” but refused to let officers in, according to WFLA.

On Sunday, a child protection investigator paid Doss a visit, noting in the report that “the instant stench of excrement and urine was highly present” after entering her home through the back door.

The cops said that trash bags and bugs were strewn about Doss’ property, that no part of the home’s floor could be seen, and that big sections of the roof were collapsing.

Officers stated that “they use the restroom in a bucket and leave the garbage in the backyard” and categorized the house as “uninhabitable” in the report, claiming that “they use the restroom in a bucket and put the waste in the backyard.”

The investigator located Doss sharing a bed with another youngster at the property, as well as a handmade cage constructed of wood and metal, adjacent to it. There was a pillow inside the cage. This is a condensed version of the information.


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