People call #FireChuckTodd to ask if Joe Biden takes COVID “too seriously”.


Twitter users are demanding the removal of Chuck Todd from MSNBC after the newscaster questioned whether Biden is taking the COVID 19 pandemic too seriously in terms of his campaign strategy.

The hashtag #FireChuckTodd gained traction on Thursday after Todd asked guests on Thursday’s broadcast of Meet The Press Daily whether Biden was too cautious about the coronavirus pandemic and whether this would hurt his campaign.

During the segment, Todd received Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas and former Republican advisor Michael Steele to comment on the presidential candidates.

“It’s interesting when you look at both candidates, and in some ways you don’t take the virus seriously enough at all,” Todd began, referring to President Trump’s track record in hosting large indoor rallies and mocking a reporter for wearing a ‘big’ mask.

“And if there’s one criticism, it’s perhaps that he takes it too seriously, at least when it comes to campaigning,” he added, referring to Biden’s decision to hold smaller events or campaigns virtually out of precaution for the coronavirus pandemic.

“Is there a part of you that is nervous about the light Biden footprint when it comes to campaigning, when it comes to door-knocking, when it comes to this stuff, it’s probably the only gap in the campaign infrastructure, which is obvious why it’s there. It is due to the pandemic,” he continued, asking Moulitsas to get involved.

But the Twitter users didn’t think it was an appropriate question.

Many people in social media were outraged that Todd had questioned Biden’s decision to run a cautious campaign and called for the immediate removal of the news reporter from the net.

“Is Biden taking the virus too seriously? More than 228,000 Americans, their families and friends would love to talk to him,” wrote one user.

Another said, “Just because it hasn’t killed you or someone you know, it’s still not nice to be disrespectful to families who have lived and lost through Covid-19. I bet they appreciate it when someone takes this seriously. They deserve to be fired.”

Some tweeted directly to MSNBC and begged the station to remove Todd immediately. One user even called this a “moment of life and death”.

Throughout the social media platform, users ridiculed Todd and called the news reporter Todd “incompetent”, “irresponsible” and unworthy of his work. contacted MSNBC with a request to comment on this matter, but did not receive a statement for publication in time.


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