People are carving pumpkins with power washers as part of a Halloween TikTok trend.


People are carving pumpkins with power washers as part of a Halloween TikTok trend.

With Halloween only a few weeks away, jack-o-lanterns will soon be adorning many front porches, and one viral fad has made carving the eerie faces a breeze.

The craze employs a power washer to cut through the pumpkin’s skin and carve out the characteristics, so it’s not for the faint of heart. A rather spectacular face is given to the festive cultivar in a matter of seconds.

Various people have shared their tries at the technique, which has proven to be entertaining for both children and adults, but the trend’s creator has also given a safety caution to The Washington Newsday.

Nick, @flatriverrustics, of TikTok, was not the first to try the approach, with YouTube recordings dating back to 2016, but he was the one who started the TikTok trend.

The pressure washing business owner posted his unusual use of the machine to TikTok on October 4 and it has now received over 3 million views. Nick uses a “0-degree” red tip on the machine, which is seated on a garden chair, to power wash a face into the pumpkin in the video.

“When I went home from work one day and my wife wanted to carve some pumpkins, I naturally wanted to explore how the pressure washer would perform,” he told The Washington Newsday. “It turned out to be a really good solution. I don’t have any images of the back of the video because it was made last year, but it was still mostly intact.” “I just placed it on my TikTok because I thought it was hilarious, and I was blown away when it became viral.” “I didn’t expect 3.3 million views and a ton of shares,” he remarked.

In the ten days after the original, a slew of new users have joined in on the fun, including Jana Brown, who goes by the name @whiskeychicken00.

She tried it out with her kids three days ago and was really pleased with the outcomes. She told The Washington Newsday, “The conclusion was spectacular.” “The kids loved it, especially seeing it ooze.” Brown’s insides pouring out of his smile gave him an even creepier appearance, prompting similarities to the pumpkin puking. “With the second one, we injected. This is a condensed version of the information.


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