People are baffled by Hunter’s “invisibility cloak,” calling it “witchcraft.”


People are baffled by Hunter’s “invisibility cloak,” calling it “witchcraft.”

A video that went viral depicting a hunter’s “invisibility cloak” left TikTokers perplexed, implying that it was either staged or that witchcraft was involved.

On May 23, Steven Sisco, using the TikTok account @stevensisco5, was simply uploading footage of his usual hunting blind to the app. The outside of the blind, which is a camouflaged tent-like structure, is the center of the film.

The next movie displays the view from the inside, which shows a clear view of the outdoors with no obstructions. Many people were perplexed once the video received over 600,000 views, and some even accused Sisco of fabricating the video.

“That’s an interior painting,” one skeptic observed. While you’re inside, have someone roam about on the outside.”

One user remarked, “Fake.” It was dubbed “witchcraft” by another.

Sisco took to his account to verify the video wasn’t phony after being asked by a TikTok commenter. In a follow-up video, he can be seen clearly walking from the outside to the inside of the blinds.

He began the video by adding, “This is for all the people who say it’s false.”

The video was posted on May 27 and had already received over 1 million views at the time of publication.

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Steven Sisco’s original sound

Sisco’s building is a Rhino 180 hunting blind, which was designed to allow him to see animals without being noticed by them. The blind is made from a mesh material that reflects light and while it appears like a camouflaged tent from the outside, from the inside you can see out very clearly.

It functions in the same way as bus window advertisements do, in that passengers can still see out. It must be darker inside than outside to be effective, so it is only suitable for daytime use.

For seasoned hunters, the design is nothing new, but baffled TikTok users dubbed it an “invisibility cloak.”

One commenter joked, “Harry Potter’s cloak, but make it national.”

“What in the world is going on? I would never have known if it weren’t for TikTok,” wrote another.

Others theorized about what would happen if it was flipped inside out, hoping it would make an “invisible tent,” by. This is a brief summary.


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