Passengers Sing “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” as passengers are escorted off the plane for not wearing masks.


Passengers Sing “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” as passengers are escorted off the plane for not wearing masks.

Following a lengthy debate about face masks, American Airlines removed several passengers off a flight on Friday. Some of the remaining passengers sang a song as they boarded the plane.

According to WFLA in Florida, the event occurred on a Houston-bound jet preparing to take off at Miami International Airport. The flight had been delayed for nine hours by the time the unmasked passengers were taken from the plane, however it is unclear how much of that delay was due to the mask issue. American Airlines has been contacted by this publication to clarify whether two or three people were removed.

While the passengers were exiting the plane, a group of passengers began singing lyrics from Steam’s 1969 song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” The performance was videotaped and uploaded on Twitter by the account @ONLYinDADE.

Three passengers were ejected from an American Airlines flight in MIA that had been delayed for nine hours. Two for not adhering to the mask rules, and one for fighting with them. | ig: dreatrev | #ONLYinDADE

— September 18, 2021, ONLY in DADE (@ONLYinDADE)

According to the Twitter account, only two of the passengers were removed because they refused to wear masks, while the other was taken because he got into a fight with them about it.

In a statement to The Independent, American Airlines stated that two people were removed for breaching masks rules, but did not identify a third passenger.

“American Airlines Flight 1469, operating service from Miami (MIA) to Houston (IAH), returned to the gate before to takeoff to deplane two customers who refused to follow crew member instructions and refused to comply with federal face covering requirements,” according to the statement. “We appreciate our team members’ professionalism and regret for any inconvenience this has caused our customers.”

To guard against COVID-19, federal mask laws in the United States presently compel travelers to wear face masks at airports and on planes. These restrictions will be in effect until at least January 2022.

When a mother and her two-year-old were unable to wear a mask on a flight from the Dallas-Fort Worth area last week, American Airlines pulled them off the flight. The. This is a condensed version of the information.


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