Over an age-gap kiss, a Disney film has been accused of having the “Most Awkward Scene Ever.”


Over an age-gap kiss, a Disney film has been accused of having the “Most Awkward Scene Ever.”

Viewers have criticised a Disney film for having the “worst embarrassing scene ever” including a kiss between two actors with a significant age gap.

The 1994 film Blank Check, which depicts an adult lady kissing a kid actor, sparked indignation among viewers.

Preston Waters, a 12-year-old boy, is played by Brian Bonsall, while Shay Stanley, a 30-something FBI agent disguised as a bank teller, is played by Karen Duffy.

The plot is around a fifth-grader who ends up having $1 million in cash, and it follows Waters as he spends it and avoids thieves.

However, the far-fetched narrative isn’t the only flaw in the film, as many re-watching it as adults observed the dubious kiss shared between the two.

Before trying to set up another date, Waters takes Stanley out to dinner and presents her with jewelry. “When can I see you again, Shay?” he inquires, to which she responds, “Why don’t you call me in 10 years?” They discuss the time span, which goes from five to seven to six years, before Stanley finally agrees, adding, “OK, it’s a date.” She then bends in and kisses the middle schooler on the lips, which is stunning.

Rob Anderson posted a clip from the film on TikTok, captioning it with, “This Disney movie Blank Check features the most embarrassing scene ever.”

Uhhhhhhhhh fromtrashyAnderson captioned the video, “Imagine being this mature actress,” and it has approximately 4 million views since it was uploaded in 2020.

However, on Wednesday, @thetypeotakulike posted his video to Reddit’s Trashy thread, where it received nearly 13,000 upvotes in only a few hours, prompting a new round of criticism.

While the actual year the picture was made is unknown, Stanley would have been 32 years old at the time, and Bonsall would have been about 13 years old.

“Wait, isn’t this against the law?” Maariyaa inquired.

“As a kid, I remember it being a cool setting,” Tcup2020 reflected. But that’s no longer the case.” “Exactly, I thought that was so cool now, now all I see is some weird elderly woman wanting to get with a 13 yo,” Klausable7 remarked. “Imagine a middle-aged guy saying it to a 13-year-old girl in a Disney movie like,” Robertbnyc wondered. This is a condensed version of the information.


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