Over 7 million people have seen a video of a piglet born with two heads.


Over 7 million people have seen a video of a piglet born with two heads.

After a farmer published the video of a pig born with two heads online, it has been seen over 7 million times.

Polycephaly is a reported condition in which an animal is born with multiple heads. The syndrome is uncommon, and animals born with it frequently do not live long.

“Rare things you may witness on the pig farm,” wrote hog farmer @skeeterscooter, who also shared the video here just two days earlier.

The newborn piglet is covered in a blanket and has four eyes, two mouths, and two snouts while having only one body.

In a follow-up video, the farmer remarked, “Normally, the ones that I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen them alive.” “They’re usually stillborn, but this one was living, so I just thought it was interesting to see.”

According to the farmer, the pig died shortly after the video was taken. “It died as a result of natural causes. He stated, “I did not set it down.”

The video was shot in 2017, but the TikTok user chose to share it a few days ago because it was “something cool to share” and “something unusual to witness on a pig farm.”

One TikTok user said, “This makes me kind of sad,” while others called it “frightening.”


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The specific cause of polycephaly is unknown, however it is thought to be caused by either an incomplete embryo splitting or two or more embryos merging together.

Although polycephaly is a rare condition in humans, it has been observed in pigs, notably Ditto, who lived to be nine months old and became a piggy celebrity. Ditto was born in Iowa with two mouths, two snouts, two heads, and three eyes. Pigs Without Partners purchased him for $5,000 from Scott and Vicki Vorwold, sparing him from a circus freak show.

Ditto, who was then known as Rudy, was flown from Iowa to California for reconstructive jaw surgery. Because he had a neurological disease that led him to fall frequently, the pig wore a helmet to protect his head, and the group welded him a piggy walker. This is a condensed version of the information.


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