Over 2.8 million people have seen Singer’s consent-focused rewrite of “Blurred Lines.”


Over 2.8 million people have seen Singer’s consent-focused rewrite of “Blurred Lines.”

Devon Cole recently released a cover of Robin Thicke’s controversial 2013 hit Blurred Lines, with the lyrics updated to underscore the importance of permission. The video, which can be accessed here, appears to have struck a connection with viewers, as it has had over 2.8 million views and 791,000 likes.

While the song was highly popular at the time of its release (it was even named the No. 1 single of the summer in 2013), its reputation has been tainted by controversy.

In addition to the well publicized copyright issues, the song’s lyrics quickly became known for glorifying sexual assault and rape culture. The record, which includes phrases like “I know you want it” and “You’re a good girl,” was even prohibited on certain university campuses in the United Kingdom.

TikToker Devon Cole has stepped forward with her version of Blurred Lines, created for individuals who were uncomfortable with the song’s misogynistic lyrics, eight years after its release. Cole has updated the song to deliver a message about consent while keeping the song’s infectious groove.

Cole sings in her video, “Seems you can’t hear / What I’m trying to express.” “It goes in one ear and out the other.”

Another line reads, “Just because you paid for supper / Doesn’t mean I owe you a favor.”

The lyric “I know you want it” was perhaps the most divisive in the original Blurred Lines. “If I don’t want it / Then I don’t want it,” Cole changes it with in her version.

At the chorus, she sings, “My body is not something you deserve.”

Viewers can’t get enough of Cole’s rendition of 2021, leaving over 11,000 comments on the video.

“I adore it!!!!” Susie White, a TikToker, wrote: “I didn’t like the original since it gave me the creeps, but this is incredible.”

Others applauded Cole’s songwriting abilities, saying she was able to convey her message without sounding like a “infomercial.” Read this popular comment by @pajamastreetfighter: “It was truly well-written and not at all cheesy!”

Meanwhile, TikToker Norris pointed out that in Cole’s rendition, “the lines actually aren’t so blurry.”

Countless others urged her to make a full-length version of the song available on streaming services.

However, not everyone thought Blurred Lines deserved a makeover to begin with. One viewer remarked, “I never [paid]attention to the lyrics.”

Another person objected. This is a condensed version of the information.


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