Outside the prison yard, officers intercept a football stuffed with marijuana and crystal meth.


Outside the prison yard, officers intercept a football stuffed with marijuana and crystal meth.

Officials said officers at a North Carolina prison discovered a football stuffed with tobacco, marijuana, and crystal meth.

A snapshot of the football split open along the stitching was released on Facebook by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Two grocery bags full of loose tobacco, a baggie of marijuana, and a tennis ball split open to reveal a bag of crystal meth are stacked next to it.

The title of the post reads, “Interception!” “Last week, personnel at Morrison Correctional Institution noticed a football out-of-bounds between the facility’s inner and exterior fences. Tobacco, marijuana, and crystal meth were hidden inside. The unsuccessful delivery was linked to an offender, according to investigators. #NotOnMyWatch”

The NCDPS runs a weekly social media campaign called #NotOnMyWatch that highlights captured contraband from various facility employees. Jugs of homemade wine, cell phones, other narcotics, and tobacco packs have all been intercepted in the past.

When the cops first saw the football lying between the inner and outer jail fences, they recognized something was amiss.

In an email comment to This website, an officer said, “If you look at previous Not on My Watch episodes, you’ll discover we intercept quite a bit of contraband that someone tossed over our walls.” According to NCDPS, numerous facilities’ fencing has been raised and netting has been placed to prevent such incidents.

The football was taken and cut apart by staff at the Morrison Correctional Institution in Hoffman, North Carolina, to reveal the illicit contents. According to authorities, they were able to link the botched drug delivery to an offender who is presently spending time in jail.

An officer informed This website that an initial inquiry matched the contraband to its intended receiver, an offender assigned to Morrison CI. “No charges were filed since the perpetrator was not in possession of the contraband. The investigation is still underway.”

This website reported earlier this month on a female inmate in southern California who used the jailhouse phone to assist a man in smuggling a drone loaded with drugs into the jail. During the attempt, the drone crashed and was discovered in the grass area inside the facility. It was seized by a prison employee.

Police discovered heroin, muscle relaxants, Xanax, and methamphetamine within the drone. The man in the air. This is a condensed version of the information.


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