Outside a man’s front door, a nest of praying mantises hatches.


Outside a man’s front door, a nest of praying mantises hatches.

A terrifying photo of a praying mantis nest that hatched right outside his front door, engulfing his porch in bugs, has been shared by a man.

Emoats83, a Reddit user from Nebraska, posted a snapshot of dozens of yellow insects crawling all over wood and bricks.

“Had a Praying Mantis nest hatch near my front door!” he captioned the photo.

The post drew a lot of attention, since he went on to confirm that he had seen the nest before but had no idea what it was.

He expressed himself as follows: “I’d seen the nest before, but had no idea it was a Praying Mantis’s home. WTF are all those in the corner, I thought as I walked outdoors this morning! I had to rescue a few that had fallen and become entangled in cobwebs.

“I’ve seen these around in the past and always assumed it was a moth or butterfly cocoon,” says the author.

Before the nest appeared recently, Emoats83 stated that he would see adult insects every year.

A Praying Mantis nest hatched just outside my front door! from mildly fascinating

He went on to say: “In the summer, I enjoy watching them. They’re fantastic for pest management, as another commenter mentioned. Later in the summer, I see them all the time around my house. Never a freshly hatched nest though.

“They’re awesome to [have]around your yard and garden. They’re like having 100 exterminators in your yard.”

Website Gardening Know How explained they make great pest controllers, without the need to resort to chemicals.

The site explained: “For the most part, praying mantis insects are beneficial, making excellent garden friends and keeping down bug populations naturally to help maintain a healthy ecological balance in the garden.”

Despite that, numerous people commented on the post, some in horror, while others had valuable information—explaining the babies eat each other.

Science website Seeker confirmed, saying: “If there’s nothing else good to eat, they will eat their new siblings.”

After reading a few comments explaining their cannibal tendencies, Emoat83 wrote: “Another poster just made the comment that they’ll eat each. I didn’t know that. I might try moving some to new spots around my yard.

“There’s still quite a few hanging out within a 10ft radius of the nest. I thought about trying to catch. This is a brief summary.


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