Only 56% of Joe Biden’s voters say they actually voted for him, according to a new poll.


When it comes to their supporters, more people voted for President Donald Trump than against his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden.

A survey by the Rasmussen Report found that 56 percent of those who voted for Biden said they did so because they voted for former vice president, and 29 percent did so because they voted against Trump. Of those who voted for Trump, 90 percent said they voted for the president and 8 percent said they voted against Biden.

The survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted between November 5 and November 8 and shows an error margin of 3 percentage points.

Of the independent voters, 83 percent who voted for Trump and 46 percent who voted for Biden indicated that they would vote for their candidates. Forty-one percent of the independents who voted for Biden indicated that they would vote against Trump.

In the election, Trump won the enthusiasm contest because polls showed that his voters were more excited to vote for the president than Biden’s voters. However, Trump proved to be a motivating factor for people to get out and vote not only for his supporters but also for his critics.

With all but three states called, Associated Press considered Biden the winner of the 2020 election with 76 votes and 3.3 percentage points of the popular vote. Even without counting all the ballots, the 2020 election broke a 52-year record for voter turnout.

With more than 76 million votes, Biden received the highest number of ballots of all presidential candidates in history. Trump, who received more than 71 million votes, received the highest turnout of all defeated presidential candidates. Both candidates eclipsed the number of votes in 2008 and 2012 that former President Barack Obama received.

Voter turnout in Texas rose by about nine percent, one of the largest increases in the country according to the Associated Press. Although Trump was initially considered a theater of war, he won the historic red state by almost 6 points.

An exit poll by ABC News of more than 2,000 Texas voters showed that it was a greater motivator to remove Trump from office than it was to make Biden a candidate for those who voted for the Democratic candidate. Compared to the 73 percent who voted for Biden and said it was a vote against Trump, only 25 percent of those who voted for Trump said it was a vote against Biden.

“He motivated Democrats who hated him and Republicans who thought he was better than most Republicans,” Brad Todd, a Republican strategist, told the Associated Press about Trump.


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