Only 0.19 percent of anti-vaccination health-care workers in Maine have left due to mandate protests.


Only 0.19 percent of anti-vaccination health-care workers in Maine have left due to mandate protests.

During protests against the state’s vaccine mandate for such personnel, only 0.19 percent of anti-vaccine health care workers in one Maine hospital have departed.

Maine’s Democratic Governor, Janet Mills, declared on August 21 that all health-care employees in the state would be required to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep their jobs. On October 29, Mills’ order will go into effect.

According to The Maine Beacon, 45 employees at Maine Health, the state’s largest health-care provider, have resigned in protest of Mills’ mandate. The 45 people make up just 0.19 percent of the provider’s 23,000-strong workforce.

Similarly, 20 employees at Northern Light, the state’s second-largest health-care provider, have resigned over the demand, according to the publication. The 20 workers make up about 0.2 percent of the provider’s 10,000-strong workforce.

According to a Northern Light spokesman, “many more staff workers have had to leave their positions after contracting COVID, and unvaccinated personnel are more prone to that outcome.” The provider’s complete personnel is vaccinated to the tune of 88 percent.

“My objective is to have every health care worker in Maine vaccinated,” Mills said in a statement after implementing the decree. Anyone entrusted in the care of a health care worker, as well as their families, has the right to expect high-quality, safe treatment from fully vaccinated personnel.”

Republican officials in the state, on the other hand, have pushed back against Mills’ vaccine mandate.

At a rally outside the state Capitol building on September 11, Republican state Representatives Shelley Rudnicki, Dick Campbell, and Mike Perkins all spoke out against vaccine mandates.

“Republicans have introduced bill after bill to repeal government requirements, only for Democrats to kill them all. “Like LD798, which would have put a five-year moratorium on the vaccine mandate,” Rudnicki added at the event. “They’re putting an end to your God-given rights. And now they’re on their way to take your jobs. Thank goodness there are still some freedom-loving Mainers willing to speak up. “Defend your liberties!”

Republican state Representative Laurel Libby told a crowd of 400 people at a demonstration on August 17 that the healthcare vaccine regulations were a step toward surrendering individual liberties.

“Are we ready to give up our jobs? Are we willing to forego health-care coverage? Are we willing to take a chance and walk in? This is a condensed version of the information.


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