On the site of the condo collapse, Surfside Commissioners have nixed plans to build a community center and a memorial.


On the site of the condo collapse, Surfside Commissioners have nixed plans to build a community center and a memorial.

Through a land exchange proposal, commissioners in Surfside, Florida, have scrapped a plan to create a community center and memorial to the 98 victims on the condominium collapse site.

The Miami Herald said that family members of the victims who died in the June 24 collapse, as well as town residents, packed the commission chambers on Tuesday. Commissioners announced their rejection of the proposed community center project after approximately an hour of public debate.

Commissioners stated that the land swap proposal will not be put to voters in a referendum, and Commissioners Eliana Salzhauer and Nelly Velasquez had urged those opposed to the concept to speak up.

Velasquez stated on social media, “This is the moment we join together as a community to defend our community center and all town-owned facilities.”

Salzhauer stated separately that the municipality “will NOT allow this tragedy to be exploited for profit and become the downfall of Surfside’s beautiful community center and our residents’ quality of life.”

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Mayor Charles Burkett, the proposal’s lone supporter, stated, “My heart bleeds for you because I know this is something you were getting your hopes up about.” “I hope you don’t lose faith.”

According to the Miami Herald, deliberations were occasionally interrupted by irritated family members. “Let the people vote!” screamed one man. “You labeled us delusional,” a woman questioned Salzhauer on her previous remarks.

The board agreed to look into the possibility of erecting a victims’ memorial, either on a sliver of land where part of the tower fell or elsewhere.

A $120 million offer is currently being considered for the Champlain Towers South property. Instead, the buyer might have built a tower on the site of Surfside’s 10-year-old community center, which includes an oceanfront pool and waterslide as well as multi-purpose rooms. At the disaster location, a new center would be created, as well as a memorial.

Miami-Dade The swap had been endorsed by Judge Michael Hanzman, who is handling the class-action case over the collapse, as a way of compensating victims through a property sale while allowing a memorial to be created.

David stated, “It shouldn’t be their decision; it should be the residents’ decision.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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