On September 22, 2021, did someone win the Powerball jackpot? Numbers and outcomes.


On September 22, 2021, did someone win the Powerball jackpot? Numbers and outcomes.

The jackpot was projected to be worth $490 million on Wednesday night, with the cash option at $355.1 million. Unfortunately, no one got the large reward, but there were several winners who received significant prizes.

Is There a Powerball Winner?

The winning numbers were 20-40-47-55-63, with a Powerball of 05 and a Power Play of 3x from Wednesday night’s drawing.

Though the Power Play had no bearing on the top prize because no one won it, it did make one of the second prize winners very happy.

On Wednesday, three second-place winners were announced, with two earning $1 million and the third receiving $2 million thanks to the Power Play.

The three winners were all from the East, with the second prize going to winners from Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

The third reward, which was either $50,000 or $150,000 with the Power Play, was won by 26 people from all throughout the country.

The next draw will be much bigger, with a cash value of $379 million and a current estimate of $523 million.

The most recent Powerball grand prize winner was a ticket purchaser from Jacksonville, Florida, who won a $286 million jackpot in May.

Before that, a winner won $238 million in March, and another won a massive sum in January, capturing the game’s fourth-largest prize ever.

That winner received a $730 million jackpot, yet January was a lucky month for lottery winners, since another person won the $20 million reset jackpot after the huge reward was won.

COVID’s Impact

During the COVID epidemic, the reset jackpot has been reduced by half, at $20 million instead of the customary $40 million after a win.

The minimum sum that may be won is $4, with $7 and $100 following.

If the Power Play is employed, this amount can be multiplied, thus if it’s Power Play 10x, you could win $40, $70, or $1,000 with just a few matches.

The top three prizes are $50,000, $1 million, and the jackpot, however only the second and third prizes are affected by the Power Play.

Despite the Power Play number, the third reward can be increased up to $500,000, while the second prize can be up to $2 million.

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