On her wedding day, a teen walks down the aisle with the speech therapist who gave him a voice.


On her wedding day, a teen walks down the aisle with the speech therapist who gave him a voice.

On his speech therapist’s wedding day, an 18-year-old from Austin, Texas, did something extremely special for her: he walked her down the aisle. After meeting over a decade ago, the two had formed an almost familial attachment, and his unique role on her wedding day provided joy to those who were present.

At the age of three, Dylan Mast was diagnosed with autism, intellectual impairments, and speech apraxia. He began speech therapy to assist him improve his language and communication skills. Maggie Stoecker was Dylan’s speech therapist for a year in elementary school, and the two created an unbreakable friendship that his parents will never forget.

Dylan’s mother, Marnie Mast, told This website that Dylan was still unable to communicate at the age of ten, but she and her husband were not willing to give up. “I remembered Maggie and how great she was, and how she had connected with Dylan a few years ago,” Mast explained. “I contacted her and asked if she would be prepared to work with him at our home.” And Stoecker agreed to collaborate with Dylan once more.

Mast stated that they intended to test out Stoecker’s speech therapy sessions for a few months. They’d re-evaluate if no progress was made. But, much to everyone’s delight, Dylan’s stay with Stoecker rapidly turned out to be a good experience. Dylan is now eight years old and is not only talking, but his verbal language and articulation skills are also improving.

Dylan and Stoecker, according to his mother, have a “amazing bond.”

Mast told This website, “He adores her beyond measure, and he wants to satisfy her and continues to work hard for her each and every session.” “They regularly make each other laugh, and they both have a great deal of mutual respect for one another.”

Mast described Stoecker as “family” because she has spent so much time in their home over the last few years. As a result, when Stoecker asked whether Dylan would lead her down the aisle on her wedding day, Mast couldn’t help but cry.

“When Maggie asked if Dylan could walk her down the aisle I ugly cried,” she said. “I was taken aback, but it was all worth it.” This is a brief summary.


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