On a Texas beach, a lawyer dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween was arrested.


On a Texas beach, a lawyer dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween was arrested.

Police handcuffed a Texas lawyer after he decided to go for a walk on the beach while dressed as Michael Myers, the legendary Halloween figure.

As Tropical Storm Nicolas reached Texas on September 13, Galveston Police were dispatched after reports of a man wandering on a beach with what appeared to be a bloodied knife.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found attorney Mark Metzger dressed as the villain from the Halloween movie franchise.

Officers quickly established that the knife and the blood were fakes after handcuffing Metzger, according to The Daily News.

Metzger was cited for disorderly conduct and released, according to Galveston Police spokesperson Sgt. Stacy Papillion.

Metzger said the incident was nothing more than an innocent prank that he hoped would provide “good vibes to the gloom and dread out there” in a Facebook post.

“I’m 100 percent about restoring our faith in humanity through humor,” he added.

“I’ve spent my entire life thinking about it. My methods may not suit everyone, but I guarantee I will please more people than I will irritate.

“So if taking a foolish walk down the beach in a costume during a storm and then being arrested for disorderly conduct accomplished any of that (I was just released with a class c citation and am still unsure what precisely was wrong about my activities), then I’d do it all day every day.”

Metzger accompanied the post with a photo of himself with Tom Araya, the lead singer of the thrash metal band Slayer, whom he claimed he ran into while participating in the Michael Myers impersonation.

Speaking to KTRK, Metzger said some people stopped for photographs with him while he was dressed as Michael Myers and the beach patrol even played the Halloween movie theme song.

He recognized, however, that not everyone found his antics as amusing as he did.

“I guess there are some people out there who don’t have a sense of humor or can’t please everyone,” he explained.

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