Officers Hug Armed Woman on Body Cam During Interrogation: ‘Everyone Went Home’


Officers Hug Armed Woman on Body Cam During Interrogation: ‘Everyone Went Home’

A beautiful meeting between Pennsylvania police officers and an armed lady was captured on body camera video, as a stressful scenario concluded with a sympathetic hug.

A mental health crisis call involving a lady with a loaded firearm who was threatening to kill herself was recently responded to by several officers from the Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

The first policemen on the scene are seen conversing to her and keeping her talking until further policemen arrived, according to the video. One of the cops can be heard asking the woman, “Is there something bothering you, honey?”

When more officers came, a crisis intervention officer took over and began calming the woman down, creating a bond with her until she dropped the pistol.

Even after the crisis was diffused, policemen proceeded to console the woman, with one senior officer hugging her instead of handcuffing her, according to video.

Multiple police later stroke the woman’s back to calm her as she is seen stooped over and crying.

On the body camera video, one officer can be heard saying, “Peace restored.”

Lieutenant Kyle Gautsch told WHTM, “No one was wounded, and everyone went home.” “The woman did not injure herself, and she received the medical attention she required.”

Gautsch stressed the importance of officers remaining calm at the situation, a technique taught to Harrisburg cops during crisis intervention training.

“It wasn’t a person who was just looking to assault someone because he was armed. It was an armed individual… He told WHTM that they were thinking about harming themselves. “I think the officers did a great job at recognizing that and using their training in order to deescalate the situation and to get the individual to eventually drop the firearm.”

Gautsch added, “It was tremendous restraint that these officers showed, as well as…compassion that they showed to the individual, recognizing the fact that they were going through a mental health crisis.”

Harrisburg police officers participate in ongoing crisis intervention training and have help from mental health experts from Dauphin County who assist mental health–related calls.

The new program with the county was announced last June as an effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system. Four local police departments are participating in. This is a brief summary.


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