No ‘reasonable person,’ according to Rudy Giuliani, would believe a ‘trial by combat’ was called for a Capitol riot.


No ‘reasonable person,’ according to Rudy Giuliani, would believe a ‘trial by combat’ was called for a Capitol riot.

According to a court filing, Rudy Giuliani didn’t actually mean “trial by fight” when he talked before the Capitol riot on January 6. Even if many in attendance mistook his comment for an actual storming of the Capitol, his lawyer contended that he plainly meant a future occurrence.

Representative Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, has filed a lawsuit against Giuliani and his fellow co-defendant in the case, former President Donald Trump. According to the lawsuit, Giuliani instigated the Capitol attack as part of a “jointly conceived and executed scheme” to prevent Congress from validating President Joe Biden’s election victory.

The lawsuit claims that by representing Trump in election challenges across the country and spreading the unfounded idea that the presidential election was rigged, Giuliani helped instigate the audience at the rally. It also mentions his January 6 speech at the “Stop the Steal” event.

“Over the next 10 days, we will witness the rigged machines, the forged ballots, and if we are wrong, we will be made fools of,” Giuliani, a longtime Trump lawyer, warned at the gathering. “However, if we are correct, a large number of them will be sentenced to prison. Let’s conduct a fight trial. I’m willing to lay my reputation, and the president is willing to bet his, on the reality that illegality will be found there.”

Thompson and his co-plaintiffs claim that the remark about “trial by fighting” was an encouragement to violence. In a request to dismiss, Giuliani’s lawyer, Joseph Sibley, said that no “reasonable reader or listener” could have interpreted it as an order to breach the Capitol and “violently frighten Congress.”

“Neither would anyone interpret the reference to a ‘trial by fighting’ as a call to arms to invade the Capitol,” according to the court brief. “Clearly, the sentence is exaggerated and not literal.”

While Giuliani did not intend for the phrase “trial by fight” to be taken literally, Sibley said that if it had been interpreted that way, people would not have assumed it meant taking immediate action. Those who took it literally, according to Sibley, would have assumed it was a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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