Nine pro-Trump militia groups are on Facebook’s leaked blacklist.


Nine pro-Trump militia groups are on Facebook’s leaked blacklist.

Several groups named after former President Donald Trump appear on Facebook’s classified list of persons and organizations it considers “dangerous.”

The Intercept has obtained what appears to be the whole list of the social network’s “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” (DIO), which the platform prohibits users from discussing in order to combat violence.

Hate, Crime, Terrorism, Militarized Social Movements, and Violent Non-State Actors are among the 4,000-plus names on the list, with the majority of the names tied to terrorist cells such as Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), and Boko Haram.

A huge number of white supremacist hate groups, neo-Nazi music bands, and criminal organizations are members of the DIO.

There are additional nine fringe groups with “Trump” in their names that fall under the “Militarized Social Movement” category. Facebook classifies seven of these as armed militia groups.

These are the following:

Militia Against Trump

Trump’s Citizen Militia

President Trump’s Italian Militia

Trump’s Militia

American Warriors for Trump in Morgan County

The Militia of President Trump

Trump’s Militia

The Trump Militia

Tennessee Militia under Trump

According to The Intercept, Facebook divides the DIO’s groups and names into three tiers after they’ve been classified. Tier 1 users are subjected to the strictest limitations, with users unable to praise or support them in any way, even for nonviolent conduct.

The great majority of people and entities in Tier 1 are terrorist organizations from the Middle East and South Asia.

While there are nearly 500 hate groups in Tier 1, including over 250 white supremacist organizations, Faiza Patel, co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security program, claims that Facebook applies stricter restrictions to Muslim terrorist groups while white supremacist organizations, hate groups, and armed militias are “treated with a light touch” and placed in Tier 3.

The Trump militia groups are in Tier 3, which is reserved for groups who “are not violent but frequently engage in hate speech, appear ready to become violent soon, or routinely violate the DIO regulations outright,” according to The Intercept.

Far-right organizations such as the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers are also on the list. Users are able to debate these extremist groups, as well as Trump-themed militia groups, on Facebook without fear of repercussions.

“The lists appear to constitute two separate entities. This is a condensed version of the information.


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