Nike Sneakers are being recalled after the company misspelled its own name.


Nike Sneakers are being recalled after the company misspelled its own name.

After Greeks accused Nike of cultural appropriation, the company is facing calls to withdraw its new sneakers. The new sneaker is named after Nike’s namesake, the Greek Goddess of Victory, however the name is misspelled.

The new Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes were debuted earlier this week. On the tongues are angel wing-like covers, and on the insoles is an explanation of Nike’s name.

The rear of the shoe has embroidery that looks to say “NIKE Air,” with the word “NIKE” printed in Greek characters. However, Greek speakers have noted that the inscription does not read “NIKE,” but rather “PIKS.”

Nike has been accused of cultural appropriation in a petition that asks the company to “preserve and respect Greek culture and history by correctly employing the Greek alphabet when writing and referring to the Goddess NIKE.”

“Join together to advocate and protect Greek culture and history now!” the petition urges supporters.

“The name should be spelled correctly,” one petition supporter stated. Stop misrepresenting the Greek language; it has nothing to do with the Goddess Nike. Stop making fun of the Greek language. Don’t make fun of my cultural heritage by misspelling the Goddess Nike.”

“NIKE!” exclaimed another. Either you do something like this correctly or you don’t do it at all! ΠΙΚΣ is just vulgar! It is pronounced”PIKS” in Greek! Please, please, please correct the spelling of this important word “ΝΙΚH”!”

Zoe Gardner, policy advisor for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants expressed her outrage on Twitter and said: “Oh I cannot contain it. These make me so mad.

“I know it doesn’t matter, only an idiot would wear shoes that say ‘piks’ in Greek letters and think it said Nike and I shouldn’t care what shoes idiots wear but my GOD IT MAKES ME SO MAD. THERE’S 11 MILLION GREEK PEOPLE. ASK ONE.”

On Twitter, writer David Patrikarakos said: “I really need to understand the process here. I get that it sort of looks like the word Nike. So 1. What happens here? Someone googles ‘Greek letters’ and then just hopes for the best? 2. How does it pass through the corporate chain without someone actually checking? Anyone?”

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