New videos from the Capitol riots show a Marine veteran with a flagpole and charging towards a police officer.


New videos from the Capitol riots show a Marine veteran with a flagpole and charging towards a police officer.

According to the Associated Press, body camera footage from the Capitol police officers during the January 6 siege shows a man identified as Thomas Webster, a Marine Corps veteran and former New York police officer, carrying a flagpole.

After media organizations went to court to gain access to the video footage, it was released. The video is being utilized in the prosecution of three guys accused of attacking police officers.

Other footage shows rioters slamming a police officer against a door while he cries, as well as a New Jersey guy striking an officer in the head.

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Despite the horrifying violence that transpired, Republican officials in Washington are increasingly attempting to downplay the siege, characterizing the assault of the Capitol as a primarily peaceful protest.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump broke through police lines to storm the building and prevent President Joe Biden’s election victory over Trump from being certified.

Hundreds of criminal proceedings have been filed against the rioters by the Justice Department. A guy connected to the anti-government Three Percenters extremist outfit was indicted this week on a new charge of bringing a semi-automatic pistol to the Capitol.

Webster, a former New York City police officer, is seen brandishing a flagpole and shouting profanities at policemen stationed behind a metal barricade in body camera footage disclosed in the case. Webster pulls the barricade aside and swings at a flagpole-wielding police. The officer manages to pull the flagpole away from the man after a heated battle, and Webster seems to tackle the cop to the ground.

Webster is also seen pinning the cop to the ground and grasping his face in other court records.

In court documents seeking Webster’s release from custody while awaiting trial, his lawyer stated that his client was agitated when he watched police use pepper spray on the crowd. The lawyer, James Monroe, wrote that “as a former U.S. Marine and a member of law enforcement, defendant’s moral instinct was to protect the innocent.”

Monroe said the officer provoked Webster by reaching across the barrier and punching him. The lawyer says Webster never actually struck the officer with the flagpole.

Other footage released in the case against. This is a brief summary.


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