Multiple airstrikes are carried out by the United States to assist Afghan forces in their fight against the Taliban.


Multiple airstrikes are carried out by the United States to assist Afghan forces in their fight against the Taliban.

According to the Associated Press, the US carried out additional airstrikes this week to aid Afghan forces in their struggle against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The action comes as the US prepares to remove its troops from the country, which President Joe Biden has stated will be completed by August 31. According to a defense official, more than four US airstrikes happened between Wednesday and Thursday, with at least two of them targeting military equipment stolen from Afghan forces by the Taliban.

In addition, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged the moves without going into detail.

“We have acted, through airstrikes, in the last several days to help the ANDSF,” Kirby said, referring to the Afghan national defense and security forces. “However, I’m not going to dive into the technical aspects of those strikes.”

At a Pentagon news briefing on Wednesday, US Gen. Mark Milley said the Taliban have taken control of about half of Afghanistan’s 419 district centers.

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According to sources, the US military’s airstrikes included bombing Kandahar, a strategically crucial province.

The attacks show that the US intends to continue helping Afghan forces with combat aircraft stationed outside the country, at least until the US military exit is complete. The Biden administration has not stated if it will continue to provide assistance once the withdrawal is completed.

The United States has a variety of combat aircraft based in the Middle East within range of Afghanistan, including warplanes aboard an aircraft carrier and fighters and bombers in the Persian Gulf.

Kirby did not confirm specifics, such as the type of aircraft or location, when asked by a reporter about press reports of a Navy FA-18 airstrike in the Kandahar area.

These are the first reported US airstrikes in Afghanistan since Gen. Scott Miller, the country’s top US commander, stepped down and left last week. Since then, Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, who supervises US military participation in the Middle East, has had the authorization to unleash airstrikes against the Taliban.

The Afghans requested strikes on stolen military equipment as well as Taliban battle areas, with at least one strike taking place in Kandahar province in the south.

Officials from the United States have advised the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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