Most Americans describe Trump’s coronavirus pandemic response as “terrible” or “bad”: survey.


About 52 percent of Americans believe that President Donald Trump’s response to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic was either “bad” or “terrible” according to a new poll.

Between October 26 and 28, polling company Atlas Intel surveyed 1,726 likely voters and asked them: “How do you rate President Trump’s response to the corona virus pandemic?

While 48 percent of all respondents answered “terrible” and 5 percent “bad”, 21 percent answered “good” and the remaining 25 percent “excellent”.

The outbreak data showed that 88 percent of Republicans answered either “good” or “excellent”, while 93 percent of Democrats answered either “bad” or “terrible”. The independents were split between positive and negative responses with a margin of 47 to 52 percent. While 60 percent of women responded negatively, 53 percent of men responded positively.

The survey shows a margin of error of 2 percent.

In the survey, respondents were also asked who they would vote for in the upcoming election, whether they supported Trump’s office as president overall, whether they were afraid of contracting COVID-19, whether they were more afraid of the impact of the epidemic on people or the economy, whether they believed the pandemic was improving or worsening, and whether they believed that social demarcation measures should be strengthened or relaxed.

While 46.2 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump in the upcoming election, 50.9 percent said they would vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Support for Biden declined among the higher income respondents and increased among non-white respondents.

About 46 percent of respondents said they supported Trump’s presidency, and about 52 percent said they opposed it.

Only 39.7 percent of respondents said they were not afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus, but 39.1 percent said they feared getting sick from it and 21.2 percent said they feared dying from it. While 87 percent of Democrats said they feared contracting or dying from COVID-19, only 31 percent of Republicans said they felt the same way.

As for the impact of COVID-19, 49.8 percent said they feared for people whose lives might be at risk, and 41.5 percent said they were more concerned about the economy. Republicans, at 63-22 percent, were more afraid for the economy than for people’s lives, and Democrats, at 75-19 percent, were more afraid for people than for the economy.

About 48 percent of respondents thought the pandemic was worsening and 39.3 percent thought it was improving. When asked whether social distancing measures should be changed, 40 percent of respondents thought they should be strengthened, 34 percent said they should be loosened and 23.8 percent said they should remain unchanged.

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic could play an important role in the 2020 elections. Survey results released in August by the Pew Research Center showed that 62 percent of voters were concerned about the coronavirus epidemic. By comparison, about 79 percent of voters said they were concerned about the economy. contacted the Trump campaign for a comment.


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