Mom Shares a Dumpster-Diving Haul of $491 in Goodies CVS Was Throwing Away


Mom Shares a Dumpster-Diving Haul of $491 in Goodies CVS Was Throwing Away

A mother has recounted the astounding haul of things she discovered while garbage diving, which totaled nearly $500.

Jennifer, a woman who goes by the name Jennifer, routinely posts videos of the “treasure” she finds that is being thrown away.

As she shops at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Five Below, CVS Pharmacy, and Michael’s, the 37-year-old uploads clips to TikTok.

She remarked in one of her most profitable dives: “I got a huge CVS haul with plenty of make-up and other stuff! In a second video, I’ll show you the haul.

“Can you predict how much trash was in one CVS bag before you watch? You’d be surprised at how much is thrown away.”

In the April video, she listed the prices of each item and calculated that there were $491 worth of goodies.

Glasses, soap, and food were among the items in the haul, with a thermometer and weather forecaster each worth $45 and 13 bottles of foundation totalling $182.

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Guess how much garbage was in one CVS bag before you watch. You’d be surprised at how much is thrown out. #dumpsterdiving #dumpsterdiving #dumpsterdiving #

Jennifer’s original sound

But it was her latest video which proved a hit with followers, amassing 1.5 million views since being uploaded on Wednesday.

“Duuuuudddee. I never come to this bed bath and beyond anymore and today it paid off!” she said.

Jennifer found a fake plant, saying: “I’m just going to get a new pot for this bad boy. Look it broke, so they threw the whole thing out. Just put it in a new pot.”

While the exact plant, which the tag says is a “faux cycas potted greenery” wasn’t found on the website, a similar cycas plant costs $44.99.

As she continued to go through the dumpster, she said there was “tons of stuff” as she debated getting inside. In total she found a vase, a laundry hamper and even a shower curtain.

Commenting on the video, Lyndsee Coleman joked: “Oh so this is the beyond section.”

Msj_loves wrote: “Girl you should have kept going you know there was more hidden gems.”

“I work at a mall and it’s frustrating to throw away nice things just because they are”defect” or “out of season.””

Kal thought: “People get so. This is a brief summary.


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