Mom Discovers a Brilliant Way to Get Her Teen to Clean Her Room Using Rice.


Mom Discovers a Brilliant Way to Get Her Teen to Clean Her Room Using Rice.

Teenagers are notorious for being lazy, late, and filthy, leaving a trail of dirty laundry and dishes behind them.

Their rooms are normally a war zone, and one mother was fed up with begging her daughter to tidy, so she took matters into her own hands. Tiffini Hamer of Los Angeles videotaped her 16-year-dirty old’s room and posted it on TikTok on Sunday with the caption “When your adolescent won’t clean her room.”

The bed is unmade, the floor is littered with clothes and hooks, and every surface is cluttered. Rather than punishing her child by grounding her, limiting her privileges, or simply requesting that she clean it up, the mother took a more devious strategy.

She went out and got some black rice, which she distributed around the room to look like mouse poo. Rice grains were found in Hamer’s closet, on her bedside table, on the floor, and even under the cover.

People dubbed Hamer a “genius” after watching the video, which has over 6 million views and can be watched here.

“This doesn’t bother me, unless it’s dirty,” Hamer stated in the comments, explaining why she went to such efforts to convince her child to clean. Her room was disorganized. But she has a dog, and I have to wash clean clothes all the time because they are hairy.”

“Normally, if her room isn’t clean in the morning, I take her phone,” she said, “but I was lazy this week.” As Hamer confirmed, her alternative way worked perfectly: “She’s cleaning right now.”

A second video, also released on Sunday, showed a tidy bedroom, with Hamer updating followers by stating, “Since you all asked #PART2 she even cleaned her closet and got rid of clothes.”


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People wanted to know if she told her daughter about her sneaky hack, and Hamer revealed: “I told her after she cleaned most of the room.”

“It isn’t perfect, but we are in a 1,700-square-foot rental after moving from a 3,600-square-foot home,” she noted. So we’re running out of room till we buy a house.”

Her ruse paid off. This is a condensed version of the information.


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