Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana report COVID cases with a daily record of 5 days before the election.


Three states reported the highest one-day increase in COVID-19 cases on Thursday, with only five days left until election day.

The three states that reported these record increases in cases were Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, at least 2,872 new cases of the new coronavirus were reported on Thursday, most of which the state has seen throughout the pandemic.

Across Minnesota, data from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services show over 142,000 confirmed cases of the new virus and at least 2,419 deaths.

The Minnesota Department of Health directed Tekk.tv to comments made by Commissioner Jan Malcolm during a press conference on Thursday, where she pointed out that the increase in cases in the state is not caused by one or two major events, but “by thousands of seemingly small decisions that people make every day without realizing the impact these decisions have on their neighbors and their community.

“We are calling on people to make greater efforts to follow guidelines for social distancing, wear masks in public, avoid larger gatherings, stay home when sick and get tested,” Malcolm said.

In Indiana, the state Department of Health reported a daily high of 3,643 cases of the virus. This surpasses an earlier peak of 2,820 new COVID 19 cases reported on October 21. The Indiana Department of Health also reported 33 new deaths related to the virus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to over 172,000 and at least 4,024 deaths.

Illinois also saw the highest increase in cases in a single day, with 6,363 new confirmed cases, according to the state’s Department of Health.

The number of new cases reported in Illinois on Thursday surpassed the previous peak of 6,161 new cases reported on October 25. According to the Illinois Department of Health, there are currently over 395,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and at least 9,675 deaths.

Tekk.tv contacted the Illinois and Indiana Departments of Health for comments, but did not receive them in time for publication.

In each of these states, there has been a steady increase in daily case numbers over the past week.

According to a New York Times COVID 19 card, each of these three states has seen an increase in the average seven-day rolling case numbers since Wednesday. In Minnesota, the seven-day moving average is currently 1,836, an increase from the beginning of October when the seven-day average was 1,027.

Also in Illinois and Indiana, the Times map shows that these states have a seven-day moving average of 5,006 and 2,392 cases respectively. On October 1, Illinois had a seven-day moving average of 2,070 cases, while the Indiana average was 997.

The rise in cases in these three states comes less than a week before the November 3 election, when voters across the country will choose between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the next president.

Amidst the rise in COVID 19 cases in these three states, each of the two candidates has discussed different plans to combat the virus.

Trump further claimed that a vaccine is only “weeks” away, and during the final presidential debate he said, “We are learning to live with it.

On the other hand, Biden and his campaign have criticized Trump’s reaction and recently published a plan outlining how he plans to fight the virus. According to the plan, Biden’s government, if elected, would “immediately spend whatever is necessary to meet public health needs and deal with the growing economic consequences.

Biden also states in his plan that he intends to make COVID-19 testing “widely available and free of charge” and calls on governors to pass mask mandates in their states.


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