Mike Lindell claims there is no ‘statute of limitations’ on the 2020 election ‘crime,’ and the Supreme Court will weigh in.


Mike Lindell claims there is no ‘statute of limitations’ on the 2020 election ‘crime,’ and the Supreme Court will weigh in.

During a Saturday afternoon rally in Michigan, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell stated that a “crime” like the one he and former President Donald Trump say occurred during the 2020 presidential election has “no statute of limitations.”

Lindell, like a number of other notable fans of the former president, continues to propagate bogus 2020 election conspiracy theories. According to the conservative businessman, China hacked voting machines and skewed the election in President Joe Biden’s favor. For months, he has stated that he is preparing “evidence” to present to the Supreme Court.

“Everybody knows it’s the biggest farce—the largest crime in history,” Lindell remarked at the Friske Farm Market in Ellsworth during the Antrim County Conservative Union’s Freedom Festival. The billionaire recounted a meeting he had with Ben Carson, Trump’s former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, in which the two addressed their concerns about the 2020 election.

Carson assured Lindell that God is in charge, and the matter will be addressed according to God’s plan. Lindell informed the gathering, “There is no statute of limitations [for this crime].”

The billionaire promised, “We’re taking this to the Supreme Court.” He predicted that it would happen in July. Lindell stated, “We all have a royal flush [of evidence].” He went on to add that a 9-0 Supreme Court vote would be required because “you can’t argue these.” It’s not a matter of opinion.”

“We’ve got the proof, so we’ve got that. The MyPillow CEO stated, “We all know it happened.” Lindell claimed that it was a “miracle” that his and Trump’s “proof” was ignored. “They [the suspected hackers]would have done it a lot better next time,” he added, adding that the country would have been “wiped out.”

Lindell remarked, “This country would have been done.”

The bogus charges made by Trump and Lindell have been extensively investigated and refuted. Trump and his allies have lost dozens of election challenges in state and federal courts. Even Trump’s and other Republicans’ nominees for judges have disregarded the frequently strange charges.

Audits and recounts in key battleground states—including in places where the election was overseen by pro-Trump Republicans—have reaffirmed Biden’s victory. This involved recounts by hand. This is a condensed version of the information.


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