Melvin Williams, who is he? A cop in Dallas was caught on camera punching a man in the face.


Melvin Williams, who is he? A cop in Dallas was caught on camera punching a man in the face.

After video surfaced of him allegedly hitting a man in the face during a confrontation in the city, a Dallas police officer was placed on administrative leave.

After officers responded to a fight involving roughly 20 people in the Deep Ellum neighborhood, the Dallas Police Department is claimed to be initiating a criminal investigation into the event.

A commotion is visible in the footage, and numerous officers are attempting to separate the crowd.

After that, a man approaches the police, who begins to detain him before striking him repeatedly.

The cop can be seen straddling the victim and punching him a half-dozen times, with some strikes landing on his face.

Two police officers try to pull the cop away from the man as quickly as they can.

The cops involved in the event, which is believed to have occurred on July 21, have yet to be officially recognized by the city’s police department.

Melvin Williams, a member of the SWAT squad, has been mentioned in various publications as the cop in question.

The officer had “some explaining to do,” according to Mike Mata, president of the Dallas Police Association. “I believe the citizens deserve an investigation, and the department is doing one,” he continued.

However, former Dallas Police spokesman Gil Cerda told NBC DFW that it was too soon to draw any judgments about the incident.

“Striking him in the face was a touch rough, but only the officer knows how much resistance this guy, I’m talking about the suspect, had,” he explained.

The cop had previously been investigated for his use of force, according to Dallas TV station WFAA.

Vincent Doyle, 21, was allegedly left with poor eyesight after being shot in the eye with a sponge round in one case. The Dallas District Attorney has submitted the event to a grand jury.

He is the subject of a separate inquiry for a similar event involving Brandon Saenz. After being wounded with a sponge round, doctors had to remove his left eye.

“He’s not someone who should be wearing a badge and having a pistol in his possession,” Daryl Washington, who represents both men, told WFAA.

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