Medical doctor who refused to wear a mask and supported the “Stop the Theft” rally is suspended


Medicinal authorities in Oregon revoked a doctor’s license a month after a video surfaced showing him playing down the coronavirus as a “common cold. ”

Steven LaTulippe explained to those gathered in front of the State Capitol in Salem on November 7 at a “Stop the Steal” rally in support of President Donald Trump how he intends to “expose what I call the corona mania.

A tape of his comments was posted on YouTube by the Republican faction in Multnomah district. He told those present that wearing a mask was “a threat to your freedom, a threat to our constitution. I urge all of you to take off the mask of shame” and mistakenly compared it to “a common cold virus”.

Oregon’s Medical Association decided on Friday to temporarily deprive LaTulippe of his right to practice his profession after allegations were made against his advice and treatment of patients earlier this year.

In early July, LaTulippe, who owns South View Medical Arts in Dallas southwest of Portland, allegedly told a patient that people without COVID symptoms should not be tested and that wearing a mask would not prevent the spread of the disease.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cited seven studies that confirmed that wearing a mask reduces the spread of coronavirus in the community.

LaTulippe also told patients not to isolate themselves, as the presence of other people would provide immunity to Covid-19, according to documents from the state committee. Three weeks later, LaTulippe terminated the person as a patient when he was questioned about this advice.

The Medical Association also determined that LaTulippe and his staff at the clinic were not wearing masks and instructed patients who were wearing masks to remove them. Patients were not screened upon arrival and hand sanitizer was not available in the waiting area.

The Board also said that LaTulippe “regularly” told patients that masks were not effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and claimed that virus particles could pass through surgical masks.

He also pointed out that it was “very dangerous” for vulnerable patients, such as the elderly and asthma patients, to wear masks, as they would increase the body’s carbon dioxide levels by rebreathing the gas.

The Committee concluded that “the continued practice of LaTullipe poses an immediate danger to the public and poses a serious threat to public health and safety”.

This week LaTullipe told NBC News that he had asked patients who believed they had the disease to wear a mask in his clinic and that he was treating them in a “back room” that was disinfected. He also defended his remarks made at last month’s rally.

“I am very interested in sound medical practice, and I am interested in good science,” he said, adding, “When science and medicine are perverted by corrupt politics, then I am prepared to fight, and that is what made me go to that rally and say what I said.

The following chart from Statista shows the COVID deaths of elderly people in the USA.


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