Matthew West’s Song About Daughters, “Modest Is Hottest” Clothing is causing a stir.


Matthew West’s Song About Daughters, “Modest Is Hottest” Clothing is causing a stir.

Over June 18, Christian musician Matthew West published the song “Modest Is Hottest,” which has triggered a passionate debate on evangelical purity culture in less than a week.

West urges his two girls to cover up more to prevent unwanted attention in the song’s lyrics, which examine the theme of modest attire.

Along with his girls and wife, West, a singer-songwriter who has recorded five albums and received an American Music Award in 2013, participates in the music video.

He tells the females in “Modest Is Hottest” that “the boys are coming around ’cause you’re lovely and it’s all your mother’s fault.”

The family appears in the film wearing turtlenecks, which he argues are “what boys actually love.”

“The latest fashion trend is a little more Amish, a little less Kardashian,” he sings in the chorus. There are also references to other female celebrities. West begs God to make them more like Jesus and less like Cardi B. “No offense to Cardi B; I’m sure she’s a lovely young lady who is loved by Jesus.”

Although the video has satirical elements, such as the girls comically seeming unhappy while wearing turtlenecks and West referring to “Mother Teresa, the Queen of England, and any librarian” as acceptable style icons, parts of the songs have sparked outrage online.

He sings at one point, “If I catch you doing TikTok dances in a crop top, then help me God, you’ll be grounded ’til the world stops.”

On Wednesday, Oklahoma pastor Jeremy Coleman posted a TikTok parody of the song in which he expressed his displeasure with the song. “Well, if I catch you performing TikTok dances, wear anything you want, girl just go off,” Coleman sings in his version.

“Hold your head up high to keep your crown from falling off. If you forgot, you’re a queen. So go ahead and wear whatever you want. The latest fashion trends, I probably won’t get it, but it’s not for me to understand.”

He added: “If the boys act like pigs, tell ’em gouge out their eyes, cause I’ve got some shovels and some alibis. So wear whatever you want, and I’ll adore you until the day I die.”

Coleman, who is he? This is a condensed version of the information.


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