Matt Gaetz wants to run for President in 2024, but only if Donald Trump doesn’t run first.


Matt Gaetz wants to run for President in 2024, but only if Donald Trump doesn’t run first.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida announced on Thursday that he will run for president in 2024 if former President Donald Trump does not.

“I support Donald Trump for president,” Gaetz said in a text message to the New York Post. I’ve told him he should run, and he’s giving me every indication he will.”

According to the Post, Gaetz continued in the text, “If Trump doesn’t run, I’m confident I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024.”

While neither Gaetz nor Trump have made an official announcement about running for president in 2024, Trump has previously expressed interest in doing so.

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business show Mornings With Maria, Trump was asked about his plans to run for president again in 2024, to which he replied, “Yes, 100 percent.”

“And, according to the surveys, everyone wants me to do it. “I’m thinking about running 100 percent, and I think we’ll be very successful,” Trump said in a late-April interview.

During an interview with Candace Owens on her Daily Wire talk show, Owens, Trump made similar remarks.

“The answer is that I am ecstatic. In response to a query about whether he planned to run for president in 2024, the former president stated, “I look forward to making an announcement at the appropriate time.”

Trump said, “As you know, it’s really early.” “However, I believe that when I make a specific statement, everyone will be ecstatic.”

Gaetz has already stated his support for Trump’s re-election bid in 2024. “After The Art of the Deal comes The Art of the Comeback, and I believe that the future of the GOP is another candidacy for President Trump in 2024,” Gaetz said in a Fox News interview in February, referring to two books written by Trump.

Gaetz’s remarks on Thursday came as the Florida lawmaker is under investigation by the Justice Department over allegations that he had sex with an underage girl, according to the New York Times. According to the New York Times, Gaetz allegedly paid for an underage female to accompany him on his trip.

Following the Times’s publication. This is a condensed version of the information.


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